Media Creation Resources

Video Editing Self-Guided Resources on a purple background with a photo of editing software

Video Editing Resources

View our self-guided screen steps for frequently used video editing software programs.

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Macy Studios for Recording

Find out more about Macy Studios, and learn how to reserve time in our quiet recording space.

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Self-Guided Resources

Videos, Examples and Exercises Below:

  • Center the Listener
  • Microphone Type and Placement
  • Editing: Before, During and After Recording

Center the Listener

Most media creators start out thinking about what they want to make, but when it comes to podcasting, our work is more likely to reach an audience and create an impact when we center the listeners.

Microphone Type and Placement

The choice and placement of a microphone directly impact overall audio quality.

Editing: Before, During and After Recording

Often thought of after-the-fact, editing is an important skill–at every step of the process.

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