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Open quotesMODES examines the innovative approaches scholars use to connect research, practice, and audience through their creative dissertations. It highlights alternative forms of scholarly expression, showcasing diverse methods of data collection and response in a digital and multimodal world. This exploration includes the insights and methodologies of five scholars affiliated with Teachers College (TC), who share their unique perspectives and approaches in their dissertation research.Close quotes

MODES speakers

Abby C. Emerson

Author of: Entanglements: An abolitionist and arts-informed curricular analysis of school-based antiracist professional development 

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OreOluwa Badaki

Author of: Food Literacy Beyond the Plate: Exploring Creativity, Criticality, and Citizenship with Youth of Color Working in Urban Agriculture

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Kyle Oliver

Author of: Becoming Tapestry


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Nick Sousanis

Author of: Unflattening: A visual-verbal inquiry into learning in many dimensions  

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Tran N. Templeton

Author of: "I know how to take a picture": Young children's photographs and the construction of identity

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MODES A Multimodal Dissertation Panel

OreOluwa Badaki, Abby Emerson, Kyle Oliver, Nick Sousanis, and Tran Templeton discuss their dissertation research and multimodal methodologies with Dr. Lalitha Vasudevan. 

Curated by Lucius Von Joo & Chris Moffett


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