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Office of Doctoral Studies

Ed.D Students

  • Criteria for Scheduling Winter Intersession Oral Defense

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  • Academic Year 2022-2023 Certification Examination

    The deadline for submitting the October 2022 Certification Examination form is Thursday, September 8, 2021. The deadline for submitting the February 2022 Certification Examination is from Monday, November 7th, 2021 through Thursday, January 19, 2022. The deadline for submitting the June 2022 Certification Examination is from Wednesday, March 1, 2022 through Friday, May 19, 2022. Please contact the Office of Doctoral Studies if you have any questions.


  • Change of Dissertation Committee Form

  • Computation of Grade Deciles

    This form is used primarily by the student to compute his or her grade decile to confirm he or she meets the minimum College requirements. This form is not turned into the Office of Doctoral Studies. Last Updated: August 2014 Please note that the degree audit system will automatically compute your decile as you place courses into your Program Plan of study.


  • Criteria for Summer Dissertation Oral Defenses

    This pamphlet provides important information for candidates who wish to request permission to defend their dissertation during Summer Terms. Last Update: October 2021

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  • Dissertation Proposal Hearing Report Form

    This form is used to file with ODS the successful completion of the dissertation proposal hearing. It can be signed electronically by multiple faculty without locking the form. Updated: June 2020


  • Doctoral Degree Application

    Doctoral candidates, after filing their Intention to Defend, should also visit myTC and click the Apply to Graduate link under the Student Resources tab in the Enrollment and Student Service area. Completion of this step will allow you to: 1) Tell us how you want your name to appear (adjustment limited to middle name/suffixes). 2) Provide Convocation with mailing address, and for Ed.D. and Ed.D. CTAS candidates, a diploma mailing address. Ph.D. candidates will provide their diploma mailing address to GSAS when they file their Application for Defense form with ODS. Please note that requests for any changes to this information after it has been saved (prior to degree conferral) will need to be sent to


  • Guide to the Oral Dissertation Defense

    This pamphlet is used to assist Doctoral Candidates in learning about the Oral Defense and how to prepare for it. Last Update: June 2019


  • Intention to Defend the Dissertation and Instructions

    This form is required to let the Office of Doctoral Studies know that the student is ready to defend his or her dissertation. Please read the instructions carefully and ensure you have completed all program and College requirements before submitting this form. Last Update: July 2015


  • Leave of Absence for Doctoral Students

    The college Leave of Absence policy has been updated for all doctoral students. Please review your degree's Requirements Bulletin for full information about the policy. Updated: December 2014


  • Personal Exemption/Waiver from Dissertation Advisement for Doctoral Students

    This form is for doctoral students who are already Obligated for Continuous Enrollment who wish to request a Personal Exemption or Waiver. This form can be submitted electronically via fax or scanned E-mail after all signatures have been collected. Adjusted for new terms: Academic Advisor and Dissertation Advisor, removed allowance for all doctoral students to request one term scheduling Waiver, removed CoE notice since CoEs have been discontinued. Updated: August 2022.


  • Petition for Extension of Certification

    This form is used only after a student is Certified and he/she will be unable to complete his/her dissertation prior to the expiration of Certification. Please carefully read the instructions for eligible reasons why a student's period of Certification may be extended. This form is fully fillable through Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional. Last Update: September 2021


  • Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

    This is the Ed.D. student's main source of information regarding the completion of the Doctor of Education degree from Admission to the final deposit of the dissertation.


  • Teachers College Doctoral Manual of Style

    This pamphlet is critical for all doctoral candidates (Ed.D., Ed.D. CTAS, Ph.D.) to assist them in preparing their Dissertation for submission. TC Manuscripts now follow the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences guidelines. Last Update: January 2022


    Link to Ph.D. candidate Word Template

    Please note that this template is simply a guide to assist you in putting together your manuscript in the right order. You must still follow the requirements of the style you are using (i.e., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.) - Please note that GSAS mandates the use of the formatting appearing within this template.

    Link to Ed.D./Ed.D. CTAS candidate Word Template

    Please note that this template is simply a guide to assist you in putting together your manuscript in the right order. You must still follow the requirements of the style you are using (i.e., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.)

  • ODS Announcements

    Deposit Gateway

    Office Hours

    If you do not find the information you are looking for, please see our staff directory for contact information.

    Our hours of Operation are as follows:
    Monday - Friday         9 am - 5 pm

    During Summer Session our hours of Operation are:
    Monday - Thursday       9 am - 5 pm
    Friday                           9 am - 1 pm  

    Please check the Academic Calendar for dates the college is closed.