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Office of Doctoral Studies


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Arts and Humanities

Programs within the Department of Arts and Humanities

  • Applied Linguistics:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Art and Art Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ed.D. CTAS Degree
  • History and Education:  Ed.D. DegreePh.D. Degree
  • Music and Music Education:  Ed.D. Degree,    Ed.D. CTAS Degree
  • Philosophy and Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • English Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ed.D. CTAS Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Teaching of Social Studies:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL):  Ed.D. Degree

Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Programs offered in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology:  Ph.D. Degree
  • Counseling Psychology:  Ph.D. Degree


Curriculum and Teaching

Programs within the Department of Curriculum and Teaching

  • Curriculum and Teaching:  Ed.D. Degree


Education, Policy, and Social Analysis

Programs offered in the Department of Education, Policy, and Social Analysis

  • Economics and Education:  Ph.D. Degree
  • Leadership Policy and Politics:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Educational Leadership with a concentration in Leadership,Policy and Politics: Ph.D. Degree
  • Politics and Education: Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Sociology and Education Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree


Health and Behavior Studies

Programs offered in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies

  • Health Education:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Nutrition:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Nursing Education:  Ed.D. Degree
  • School Psychology:  Ph.D. Degree
  • Special Education

              - Applied Behavior Analysis: Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
              - Deaf and Hard of Hearing:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
              - Intellectual Disability/Autism:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
              - Physical Disabilities:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree 


Human Development

Programs offered in the Department of Human Development

  • Cognitive Studies in Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Developmental Psychology:  Ph.D. Degree
  • Measurement and Evaluation:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree


International and Transcultural Studies

Programs offered in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies

  • Anthropology and Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Applied Anthropology:  Ph.D. Degree
  • Comparative and International Education:  Ph.D. Degree
  • International Educational Development:  Ed.D. Degree


Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Programs for the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

  • Communication:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Instructional Technology and Media:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Mathematics Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ed.D. CTAS Degree, Ph.D. Degree
  • Science Education:  Ed.D. Degree, Ph.D. Degree


Organization and Leadership

  • Programs offered in the Department of Organization and Leadership
  • Adult Learning and Leadership:  Ed.D. Degree
  • AEGIS (Adult Education Guided Intensive Study):  Ed.D. Degree
  • Education Leadership:

                 - Education Leadership:  Ph.D. Degree
                 - Urban Education Leaders Program:  Ed.D. Degree

  • Higher and Postsecondary Education:  Ed. D. Degree
  • Executive Program for Nurses:  Ed.D. Degree
  • Social-Organizational Psychology:  Ph.D. Degree



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Our hours of Operation are as follows:
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