Economic Hardship

Unforeseen Economic Hardship

Off Campus Employment for Unforeseen Economic Hardship

A J-1 student may be authorized for off-campus employment in a position not related to his/her program of study if the student demonstrates economic necessity due to "serious, urgent and unforeseen circumstances" which have arisen since acquiring J-1 status.  The student must also demonstrate that the employment will not interfere with his/her maintaining a full-time program of study: the financial need cannot be so great that the student cannot continue full-time study.

Students under Teachers College sponsorship are strongly recommended to schedule an appointment with an international advisor prior to submission of this employment request.

How to Apply

STEP 1: Schedule an apointment with an international advisor at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) during our hours of operation.

STEP 2:  Submit the following documents to the OISS via TC-Compass:

  • An annual budget demonstrating the difference between the student's available funds and mandatory / required financial needs. The budget must estimate amounts for the following:
    • required tuition and fees
    • health insurance
    • estimated living expenses for room and board, books and supplies, food, dependent costs, and other miscellaneous expenses
    • guaranteed and expected sources of funding from Teachers College or other institutional sources, personal or family savings, and on- or off-campus employment
  • A letter and any supporting evidence explaining the "sudden" and "unexpected" nature of the economic need.

Note that employment authorized under this category counts against the 20-hour per week limitation on on-campus employment. For example, a student working 5 hours per week on-campus during the academic year may work only 15 hours per week on the basis of unforeseen econonomic hardship employment.

The OISS will review your documents. If approved, the OISS will issue an employment authorization letter valid up to one year or the expiration of your DS-2019, whichever is earlier. Employment may be renewed for additional one-year increments, depending on whether or not the circumstances of economic hardship remain.

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