Visiting Scholar Application

Overview of the Visiting Scholar Application Process

Please read the following information as you consider participating in the Teachers College Visiting Scholar Program:


A TC faculty member who is in residence for the duration of the prospective visiting scholar’s stay at TC, must agree and be willing to serve as the prospective visiting scholar’s faculty host. More information regarding faculty profiles can be found on the Teachers College website here

After identifying a TC faculty host who has agreed to serve as your faculty host, your host academic department will initiate the Visiting Scholar Application via TC-Compass. If you have not been connected with the academic departmental contact person at this stage, please email the OISS at

Once your application has been submitted and approved via TC-Compass, you will receive a Teachers College Visiting Scholar Invitation Letter



Schedule an orientation session with the Office of International Students and Scholars within 15 days of the start of the visiting scholar program start date. It is important that you complete this step to ensure all information and resources are provided to you in a timely manner. 

Submit the “Visiting Professor/Scholar Check-In” form via TC-Compass upon your arrival to the United States or within a week of the visiting scholar program start date. It is important this form is submitted in order for the OISS to initiate the issuance of the visiting scholar’s TC ID number and University Identification Number. 

We recommend you schedule a time to meet and connect with your TC Faculty Host at the start of your stay at TC.

Together with your TC Faculty Host and academic department, the OISS staff look forward to supporting your stay at TC! Best wishes on a productive and successful stay at TC!

Submitting the Visiting Scholar Application

The Teachers College (TC) Visiting Scholar application must be initiated and submitted electronically through the TC Compass online system.  The designated staff from the host academic department at Teachers College will assist the prospective scholar in completing this application process. 

If you have not been notified this information or not sure who the academic departmental contact person is, please email the OISS at


After securing a faculty member who has agreed to serve as your faculty host, prospective visiting scholars will need to communicate with the designated TC staff within the host academic department regarding their intent to apply to the Visiting Scholar program.

This TC staff will be the point person of contact for the prospective visiting scholar throughout the Visiting Scholar program and will initate the VS Application process on behalf of the prospective visiting schoalr. 



The designated staff from your host department will initiate the Visiting Scholar Application on your behalf. Gather all supporting documents needed to accompany the TC Visiting Scholar Application via TC-Compass. After the designated staff initiates the application process, you will receive an email with TC-Compass login information to complete the following forms:

  • Applicant Information Form
  • Program Information

Submit the Visiting Scholar Application via TC-Compass and complete the visiting scholar administrative fee payment of USD $500. Payment method information will be emailed to the applicant upon submission of the TC Visiting Scholar Application. 

OISS will review the completed and submitted application via TC-Compass. Notification regarding the application will be emailed within 14 business days. 

Note: Foreign nationals needing J-1 visa sponsorship from TC to engage in the Visiting Scholar Program can apply for their Form DS-2019 upon receiving notice of their visiting scholar invitation from the OISS.


Processing Time

Documents will be processed in the order in which they are received. Once the OISS receives the application and all supporting documents via TC-Compass, it will take approximately 14 business days to review and process, provided that no additional information is required.

We ask that prospective visiting scholars work with the academic department to ensure their application is submitted in its entirety. 


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