Visiting Scholar Profiles

Current Visiting Scholar Profiles

Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Arts and Humanities

Dr. DeLazzero's research focuses on writing in response to violence and trauma. In collaboration with universities in Colombia and South Africa, she is conducting research on how school communities can use writing and research to address trauma and promote human rights; and participate in local and international networks that support students in writing as a process of transformation toward truth, reconciliation, peace, and justice.

Nationality: United States of America

Research Interests: Writing to address trauma, violence, and conflict, and advocate for human rights; student writing and research; writing pedagogy and assessment; multimodal writing and digital portfolios; teacher education; educational opportunity and access; diversity and universal design for inclusion

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies

Dr. Li’s research focuses on educators’ perceptions of the campus soccer reform in China and the A-F ratings accountability system in the U.S.A. For both projects, Dr. Li will utilize the survey method to investigate how practitioners and/or education leaders perceive the policies over time.

Nationality: China

Research Interests: Education Policy Studies with a Focus on Accountability, School Choice, Access and Equity, and Education Reform; Geographic Regions: U.S. and China/Asia; RQ-Driven Methods: Quant,Qual, Mixed Methods, and Survey Research.   


Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies

Dr. Les Joynes is a professor and scholar of visual cultures transcultural collaboration exploring models for cultural institutions that foster transcultural collaboration. With training in education, creativity and management he is a Leadership Coach at Columbia Business School and University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a recipient of the 2021-2022 Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award and Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Nationality: United States

Research Interests: intercultural collaboration in the arts; curriculum design, New models for Museums of the future, leadership and academic coaching within universities and museums.

Assist. Professor, TED University

Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Dr. Sibel Akin-Sabuncu's research project focuses on the qualities of an effective mentor and effective mentorship, as well as the selection, preparation, and certification of effective mentors for high quality teacher preparation. This research has scientific merit in that it will help to identify the mechanisms by which a stronger faculty-school partnership can be established. Identifying and explaining these mechanisms can, in turn, inform research, teacher education, and practice.

Nationality: Turkey

Research Interests: Effective mentor; selection, preparation, and evaluation of effective mentors; faculty-school partnership; pre-service teacher education; case study


Dr. Yuliia Kravchenko, National Centre “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”

Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Arts and Humanities

The aim of Dr. Kravchenko's research is to enrich theoretical knowledge of the methodology "Philosophy for Children" devised by Matthew Lipman and to write a manual for Ukrainian teachers. Dr. Kravchenko will focus on studying the concepts of "community of inquiry" and "caring thinking," which are innovative for Ukrainian pedagogy. 

Nationality: Ukraine

Research Interests: Philosophy for children, non formal education, childhood, community of inquiry

Dr. Ariela Oliveira Holanda, Instituto Federal do Paraná - Campus Londrina

Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies

The main goal of Dr. Holanda's research is to understand how the CABAS® model works and to identify how its relevant features can be adapted and implemented in the Brazilian educational system in collaboration with the studies and research developed by the teams coordinated by the host faculty.

Nationality: Brazil

Research Interests: CABAS® Model; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Verbal Behavior; Behavioral Economics

German Sports University Cologne

University of Edinburgh


Past Visiting Scholar Profiles

Professor, Keio University

Professor Fujimoto currently teaches at Keio University in Japan. As an action researcher, Professor Fujimoto is involved in lesson study meetings at junior high schools and elementary schools across Japan.

Professor, Korea National University of Education

Professor Kang is currently pursuing reasearch in science/physics teacher education and teacher professional development

Professor, Department of Education, Sukkur IBA University

Professor Irfan Ahmed Rind currently holds academic appointment at Sukkur IBA University, Pakistan

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Unwin is currently an Associate Professor at the University College London, Institute of Education, United Kingdom. 

Ramon y Cajal Senior Researcher at the Department of Theory and History of Education, University of Barcelona.

Dr. Ruiz-Eugenio is the Ramon y Cajal senior researcher in the Department of Theory and History of Education at the University of Barcelona. 

Dr. Ruiz-Eugenio is also a part of CREA, Community of Research on Excellence for All. As member of CREA, Dr. Ruiz-Eugenio works on the analysis of the social impact of successful educational actions implemented in Schools as Learning Communities; among them the dialogic literary gatherings, the family involvement and the dialogic model of conflict prevention and resolution, within the framework of preventive socialization of violence.

Professor Japanese painting

Professor Shimizu currently teaches Japanese painting at the Department of Japanese Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi University of the Arts 

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