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Steps to Invite a Visiting Scholar to Teachers College

Below is a step-by-step process for TC host department to consider once a TC faculty has agreed to serve as faculty host to a prospective visiting scholar. Please consider these steps in order to submit a Visiting Scholar Application via TC-Compass:

1. Request access to TC-Compass.

  • We recommend having one or two designated staff member to be the point person of contact for the academic program/department. Once granted access as the Departmental User, this staff agrees to serve as the point person of contact for the visiting scholar. The designated Departmental User will be able to initiate the visiting scholar application.
  • There is no need to request access to TC-Compass once approved access to TC-Compass as the Departmental User. 

2. Gather all supporting documents, including signed recommendation letter issued by faculty host, to accompany the Visiting Scholar Application (Applicant Information Form & Program Information). 

  • If the prospective visiting scholar requires J-1 visa sponsorship from Teachers College, additional documents will be needed for submission:
    • Financial documents
    • Documents verifying English language proficiency
    • Dependent passport identification page (if accompanied by dependents) 

3. Add prospective visiting scholar to TC-Compass

  • If the prospective visiting scholar is new to Teachers College, you will need to complete the Add New Person step in TC-Compass. 
  • You will need the temporary ID information generated during this step to access the Visiting Scholar Application 

4. Start Visiting Scholar Application via TC-Compass

  • You will need the prospective visiting scholar's date of birth and temporary ID to start the Visiting Scholar Application

5. Complete the Visiting Scholar Application (and J-1 Initial Request eForm, if requiring J-1 visa sponsorship) 

  • Please note the faculty host will be prompted via email to complete "Step 2: Program Information" as part of the Visiting Scholar Application and the "J-1 English Language Proficiency Requirement" if the prospective scholar needs J-1 visa sponsorship

6. Ensure visiting scholar completes the Check-In process with the OISS as well as any other process with the academic department upon arrival or by the start date indicated on the Teachers College Invitation Letter issued by the OISS

  • Visiting scholars on J-1 visa sponsorship has additional J-1 requirements. Please ensure the visiting scholar checks-in with the OISS before the start of the program
  • Report any changes or updates regarding the visiting sholar to the OISS  within 10 days of the change

7. Visiting scholars needing an extension of their VS program or J-1 status must:

  • submit a request to the OISS at least 15 days prior to the end date indicated on their VS inivitation letter and/or Form DS-2019



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