How to Add a New Person in TC-Compass

How to Add a New Person in TC-Compass

This step is required before any eForm such as the Visiting Scholar Application can be submitted if the prospective visiting scholar does not already have a profile in TC-Compass. If the individual is a graduate of TC or has previously participated in the Visiting Scholar program, please send an email to before adding a profile. 


  1. Click on "Add New Person"
  2. Use the applicant’s name exactly as it appears in their passport
  3. Enter the email address that the applicant currently uses
  4. Select "Teachers College - Columbia Univeristy" as the campus location
  5. Select “no” when asked for an institutional university ID (a temporary id will be created)*
  6. Select "no" when asked if you have a network ID.
  7. A profile record has now been created.
  8. Proceed to "Departmental Services" on the left side of the TC-Compass menu to make your request

DO NOT complete duplicate Add New Person eForms for the same individual.  Send an email to if an error has been made.

*UNI and TCID information will be sent to the visiting scholar after they check-in with the OISS

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