Our curriculum covers a broad range of fundamental social and organizational psychology theory and research, yet also provides opportunities for studying real-world work experiences in the classroom, whether through courses that explicitly require working with live clients/organizations, or through assignments that prompt students to examine and reflect critically on their own work lives. The curriculum helps students grow expertise in the following areas:

  • understanding key organizational psychology theoretical frameworks and how they inform organizational practices in the workplace
  • critically consuming and evaluating research to understand its value and relevance to organizations and society
  • conducting applied research with live clients addressing critical organizational challenges
  • honing conflict resolution and mediation skills across a variety of settings
  • diagnosing both the explicit and implicit forces operating in groups and teams and developing strategies to leverage those forces
  • developing the ability to use a systems perspective when understanding organizational life and how to effect positive organization change
  • learning and practicing varied skills in individual and organizational assessment, diagnosing individual and organizational challenges, and crafting interventions for organizational performance and effectiveness


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