Practical Experience

Practical Experience

Our program requires students to complete at least two practice-based courses: Group Dynamics, a course that incorporates theory and practice and at least one of the following practica: Practicum in Change and Consultation, Practicum in Conflict Resolution, and/or an Organizational Internship. We offer a variety of additional applied courses, including:

  • Data-Based Interventions (ORLJ 5019)
  • Small Group Interventions (ORLJ 5017)
  • Executive Coaching (ORLJ 4010)
  • Internship, Community Mediation (ORLJ 5012)
  • Internship in Organizational Psychology (ORLJ 5012): You may choose to seek credit for an ongoing internship, through enrolling in ORLJ 5012, sponsored by Dr. Marina Field. The course can be taken for 1 to 3 credits, for a total of 4 credits. The purpose of the internship class is to support students’ gaining practical experience relevant to their interests and applying the principles of social-organizational psychology theories to real-world situations.

Students can also enroll in coursework outside of the Social-Organizational Psychology program to build their applied skills by taking electives in other programs, including Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Measurement & Evaluation, and others.

Moreover, the faculty are actively engaged in current issues that organizations face. Many are organizational consultants, coaches, and advisors. Not surprisingly, our courses integrate theory and practice as well as relevant models and frameworks to analyze and implement changes to real world problems.

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