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Event Support with TCIT Media Services

TCIT Media Services is equipped to provide professional audio/video equipment & trained technical support staff for various types of events being held at TC.

Event spaces at Teachers College are intended for TC events and events sponsored by TC community members, organizations, programs, and offices. External requests through the academic year need to be affiliated or sponsored by TC departments and/or faculty. External requests during the non-academic year will be accommodated based on the academic mission of the programming.

All TC organizations requesting Event Services & equipment (i.e. microphone/mixer/PA configurations, multi-room conferences, large-scale video conferencing, Livestreaming, and other tech intensive programs) for TC's event spaces, classrooms, or public spaces will require the hiring our trained technical support staff. Event reservations must include a minimum of 1.5 hour set-up & breakdown time based on the technical difficulty of your set-up and location of your event. Premium Event technician rates may apply to events & programs that occur outside of our office hours, Holidays or TC Closure days.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm

Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

Sunday 8am-5pm

For further information about our Event Services, or to discuss an upcoming event, contact: 

Rudy Caba

Event Technology Coordinator

TCIT Media Services



Office: (212) 678-6620

Phone (212) 678-3822

Event requests/reservations must be made 7-14 Business days prior to an Event to secure equipment & staffing.

Submit a Media Services Request  
(myTC log-in required) 

Last-minute reservations (within 2 days) are not guaranteed without a confirmation from the Event Tech Coordinator or Media Services. Please confirm with Room Assignments that the location is reserved. The equipment will not be available unless a media reservation was submitted & confirmed.

For large scale multi-room, multi-day conferences and highly technical events- a minimum of 6 weeks advanced notice, logistics meeting and confirmation with the Event Tech Coordinator is required.

Event cancellations must be made 2 days prior to the event date. Same day cancellations are subject to a late cancellation charge of 2 Event Technician hours ($100). 


Event Billing:

All TC organizations arranging for Event Support will need the approval of either an Academic Director, Program Coordinator or Supervisor so Media Services can process the budget transfer.

For additional billing information, contact:

Kofi Asare

Media Services Administrator

Phone: (212) 678-3822

**Please note- Video Services are NOT available at this time**




Event Technician/Audio Engineer

Setup/Operate/Breakdown of all in-house A/V equipment used throughout the event. (4 hour Minimum)


Event Technician/

Breakout Support

Setup/Support/Breakdown additional conference breakout rooms. Dedicated technical support with in-room A/V systems. (4 hour minimum) 


Event Technician/Audio Engineer

*Premium Rate*

Setup/Operate/Breakdown of all in-house A/V equipment used throughout the event. (4 hour Minimum)





Videographer/Camera Operator

Setup/Operate/Breakdown camera gear. Deliver raw or edited footage to client. 

*Must hire Event Technician to operate A/V system*


Livestream/Facebook Live

*Must hire both Event Tech & Videographer*





Podium microphone

Hardwired, stationary microphone


Mobile Podium

For Rooms that do not have a podium installed

*PA required*





Audio Mixer/Microphone setup (varied sets)

Multiple microphones & multiple audio source setups in locations not equipped with in-room amplification.

*PA required*

$100 4 inputs/mics

$150 6 inputs/mics

$200 8 inputs/mics

Handheld Microphone

(Wired or Wireless)

Single & Dual Microphones are included with Event Tech hires, locations with pre-installed systems, or PA rental. (8 max per event space)

$25/each after 4

Wireless Lavalier (clip-on) microphone

Lavaliers are limited to 4 per event space for quality assurance.





Large PA Speaker (single)

Medium to Large Event spaces, groups between 30-60. Can be used as stage monitor.


Large PA Speaker (dual)

Large Event Spaces, groups over 100.





Media Flat Panel (60” LCD)

For locations without a display. Groups under 20 per screen (Only 3 available)


Media Projector Cart

Media Cart with Projector, Mac Mini Computer, wireless keyboard and small PA speaker

Included with Projector Screen

Projection Screen

For use with Media Projector Cart. Display for groups of 30-40. *Only 2 available*


Events Laptop

Macbook or Thinkpad laptop. (Only 1 available per event)

*For Technician or Presenter Use Only*



Audio source for Youtube or Spotify. (Only 1 available per event)





Press Audio Feed/Mult-Box

Audio mix feed for videographer/press/translator


Audio recording

High Quality Audio recording on SD Card.

(16GB SD Card can be provided for an additional fee)


$50 with SD card provided

PPT Clicker

Based on availability.

*Can be signed out with TC ID at no charge*



Rates & Fees effective 3/1/2020

Event Space Information


The rooms listed below are the main event locations on campus that TCIT oversees the media in. The pre-installed equipment in the room is included with Event Technician/Audio Engineer hire. Locations without pre-installed equipment will require an Event Technician to setup/operate/breakdown the equipment that is required for your program.

For further information about holding your event in one of these spaces or to request a tech walk-through, please email the Event Technology Coordinator or contact Media Services.

Cowin Auditorium

(147 Horace Mann)

Capacity: 587

341 (Lower)

246 (Upper)

Media Console (Up to 3 HDMI program sources including computer)

Podium microphone, 4 handheld wireless mics, 2 lavalier mics.

Mandatory Event Technician Hire

Milbank Chapel

(125 Zankel)

Capacity: 180

Media Console (Up to 2 program sources including computer)

Podium microphone, 4 handheld wireless mics, 2 lavalier mics.

Mandatory Event Technician Hire

179 Grace Dodge

Capacity: 120

Media Console (up to 3 HDMI program sources including computer). Podium microphone, 8 handheld wireless mics, 2 lavalier mics, 6 wireless gooseneck mics. Web Conferencing capabilities.

Basic Classroom setups- Only media console & podium mic will be provided.

Event Technician Hire based on equipment requirements

Everett Lounge

(118 Zankel)

Capacity: 100

*No Pre-Installed Equipment*

Event Technician Hire based on equipment requirements

Grace Dodge Dining Hall

Capacity: 250

*No Pre-Installed Equipment*

Event Technician Hire based on equipment requirements

TCIT Media Services also provides Sign-Out or Rental equipment for TC Students, Faculty & Staff.


Equipment is available for pickup from our office located at 149 Horace Mann. Bring TC ID and fill out the liability form to sign out any of the items listed below. The person(s) or department signing out this equipment is responsible for proper use, and timely return to Media Services. Please reach out to Media Services at x3822 to make arrangements for equipment pick-up.

Replacement charges will apply for lost or damaged items. Late fees may apply.


The following items can be signed out from our offices at no cost.



Small Anchor PA w/ wireless microphone

(Handheld or lavalier clip on)

For use in small to medium sized classrooms to provide amplified computer or microphone audio.

Pick up & return @ 149HM

Medium Samson PA w/ wireless microphone

(Handheld or lavalier clip on)

For use in medium sized spaces to provide amplified computer, Bluetooth, and microphone audio.

Pick up & return @ 60GD

ZOOM Q4 or Q8 Digital Camera

For recording classes, programs, recitals, etc. without videographer. (Limited Availability - Contact x3822)

PPT Clicker

Pick up & return @ 149HM

Laptop Display Adapter

HDMI, VGA, USB-C, Mini Display.

Pick up & return @ 149HM

HDMI or VGA Cable

Pick up & return @ 149HM


Additional Rental equipment is available for a small fee. This equipment can be signed out from 60 Grace Dodge. The user is responsible for proper use, and timely return to Media Services. Invoice will be sent to the person(s) or department signing out the item. 




Behringer PA w/ 2 wireless handheld microphones

2 Wireless mic setups in medium to large spaces.


ZOOM Digital Audio Recorder

ZOOM H4 or H5

Recording high quality audio to SD card


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