Connect to TC Wifi

Connecting to TC's Secure Wifi

Using one of the three secure WiFi connections while on campus at Teachers College ensures your device is less susceptible to attack and your online activities are more protected. 

Eduroam is in use at a large number of universities and offers big benefits to all users.  Students who are connected to eduroam will experience the same connectivity as they would on a computer with a wired network connection: Faster speeds and secure, private network access.

In addition, TC students traveling to other campuses will be able to connect to eduroam on those campuses using the same account login information (UNI and password).

We encourage all students to set up eduroam on their personal laptops and mobile devices.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to complete the setup process, you will need to know you UNI and UNI password. If you don't know your UNI or UNI password, please contact the TCIT Service Desk in Grade Dodge Hall 70 for assistance.  


Connect to Eduroam  

TC-Secure is Teachers College’s network for wirelessly accessing the Internet on a laptop, phone or tablet. The network provides faculty and staff with a fast, reliable and secure connection while on campus.

Faculty and staff will be able to connect to TC-Secure with both TC-owned and personal devices.

In order to connect a device to TC-Secure, all users must follow a registration process.


* How-to guides to connect devices can be found on the myTC Portal under TC Bookmarks: “How to Connect to TC-Secure.”

Access How-to Guides for TC Secure  

Alumni, event attendees and other visitors of Teachers College can get basic internet access while on campus through the TC-Guest network by entering your Name and Email address when you select TC-Guest.

For assistance in getting connected to any of these three wireless networks, stop by the TCIT Service Desk (70 Grace Dodge) or call 212.678.3300.

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