Ordering Equiptment

Ordering Equipment at TC

The Service Desk places computer orders for TC Faculty and Staff. If you are using Department/Grant funds to purchase a computer from the Service Desk stock, please be sure to enter in the Index number when ordering. Please note that non-standard computers may be more difficult to maintain and support.

If you are purchasing a non-standard computer directly from a vendor, you must fill out a Purchase Requisition Form and submit it to Purchasing.

If you have questions please contact the Service Desk at 212-678-3300 or by emailing servicedesk@tc.columbia.edu.

Personal Purchases

Teachers College faculty, staff and students can get discounts over the regular Dell consumer prices for personal purchases. This includes discounts on specials which are advertised on the regular Dell web site. The full Dell catalog and pricing for personal purchases can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Purchases made from the Columbia University's Faculty, Student and Staff Dell Computer Personal Purchase web page are for personal purchases only, and all service, post-sale and other issues should be addressed directly with Dell.

The Faculty, Student and Staff Dell Computer Personal Purchase website is a Dell-maintained site that has been customized by Dell for use by Columbia affiliates. Any questions regarding sales should be directed to Dell at 888-987-3355.

When calling, please reference Columbia University's Member ID: US 24184416.


Dell Premier Page for Columbia University  

TC students, faculty, and staff are eligible to buy direct from Apple for delivery to your campus package address, home or other off-campus address. Individuals now receive the same, lower prices as the College/University does when buying for departments or schools.


Apple Education Pricing  

GovConnection offers a range of computer products, including computers, printers, storage media, and software, at a discount for Teachers College staff, faculty, and students. The link below was customized for TC and includes contact info for our sales representative at GovConnection.

*NOTE: The Service Desk is only able to offer limited support to non-Dell or non-Apple computers. Please be aware of this when purchasing a computer through GovConnection.


GovConnection Personal Sales for Teachers College  

HP and Staples has partnered up to provide Teachers College employees and students special bundles and discounts on this dedicated webpage. Some of the bundles would include a selection of laptops, desktops, or computer accessories at a discounted price. 

Orders from this webpage cannot be made using a grant or index. These items are not supported by the Technology Service Desk and is only intended for personal usage. Most bundles also include a warranty, which HP can assist with directly.


Staples Technology Solutions  

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