APPLE Lecture

APPLE Lecture

The purpose of the APPLE (APPlied Linguistics and Language Education) Lecture Series is to engender lively professional dialogue in the ELT community. Invited speakers will address issues of cutting-edge research, innovative practice, or critical policy. The series, funded by an endowment from Language Innovations, Inc. (LINC), celebrates LINC's spirit and legacy. LINC was a non-profit group that published materials and fostered innovations among ESL practitioners in the area.

Below you will find information about previous APPLE Lectures in reverse chronological order.

This year's APPLE Lecture featured Dr. Ross Perlin. 


Friday, April 26th 5:00pm-7:00pm EST

Dr. Ross Perlin, Columbia University - "Language City: The Fight to Preserve Endangered Mother Tongues in New York"


APPLE Lecture 2024 Video: Dr. Ross Perlin

This year's APPLE Lecture featured two speakers across two dates in the spring semester. 


Friday, March 3rd 5:00pm-6:30pm EST

Dr. Walt Wolfram, North Carolina State University - "Linguistic Relevance in Higher Education: Opportunity and Obligation in the Diversity Canon"


APPLE Lecture 2023 Video: Dr. Walt Wolfram 


Friday, April 7th 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

Dr. Ehsan Hoque, University of Rochester - "When can AI improve our social skills?"


APPLE Lecture 2023 Video: Dr. Ehsan Hoque

This year's APPLE Lecture featured two speakers across two dates in the spring semester. 


Friday, February 25th 10:30am-12:30pm EST

Dr. Paul Deane, Educational Testing Service - "New Ways to Measure Literacy: Combining Scenario-Based Assessment with an Automated Writing Trait Model"


APPLE Lecture 2022 Video: Dr. Paul Deane


Friday, April 29th 6-7:30pm EST

Dr. John McWhorter, Columbia University – “What Will Language Be Like in 2100CE?”


APPLE Lecture 2022 Video: Dr. John McWhorter

This year's APPLE Lecture featured two speakers across two dates in the spring semester. 


Friday, January 29th 11am-1pm EST

Mario E. López-Gopar, Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca - "(Mexican) Indigenous Peoples in North American Classrooms: Identity, Pedagogy, and Assessment Considerations"


APPLE Lecture 2021 Video: Mario E. López-Gopar


Friday, February 26th 11am-1pm EST

Randi Reppen, Northern Arizona University - "Three Ways to Incorporate Corpus Linguistics and Language Instruction"


APPLE Lecture 2021 Video: Randi Reppen



Richard Donato - "History-in-Person and Teacher Development: Bringing the Past into the Present" and "Culture as Context: Exploring Cultural Products, Practices, and Perspectives"


APPLE Lecture 2020 Presentation - Afternoon

APPLE Lecture 2020 Presentation - Evening

Roy Lyster - "Oral Corrective Feedback as a Catalyst for Second Language Development" and "Juggling Language and Content Across the Curriculum"

APPLE Lecture 2018 Video - Afternoon

APPLE Lecture 2018 Video - Evening

James Pennebaker - "Using Words to Understand People" and "The Health and Psychological Effects of Translating Emotional Experiences into Words"

APPLE Lecture 2017 Video - Afternoon

APPLE Lecture 2017 Video - Evening

Brian MacWhinney - "A Shared Infrastructure for Studying Second Language Acquisition" and "Limits on Success in Second Language Learning"

APPLE Lecture 2016 Video

James Paul Gee - "Grammar, Language, and Discourse: A New Situated Approach to Language Teaching" and "Language, the World, and Video Games: Why and How All Learning is Language Learning"

Alister Cumming - "Studies of Second Language Writing in Canada: Three Generations"

APPLE Lecture 2014 Video

Mary McGroarty - "Challenge of Multiple Agendas for Language Teaching and Research"

APPLE Lecture 2013 Video

Leo van Lier - "Action-Based Teaching and Learning: An Ecological Perspective"

Afternoon Colloquium Video

Evening Lecture Video

Thomas Cobb - "How the Language Teachers of the World Built a Data-Driven Web-Based Learning Tool"

Antony John Kunnan - "Language Assessment for Immigration and Citizenship"

Bill VanPatten - "Processing Instruction, Meaning-based Output Instruction, and Dictogloss: A Comparative Study (and Some Sundry Observations)"

William Grabe - "Success with L2 Reading: From Research to Teaching"

2005 Carol A. Chapelle - "CALL Pedagogy: Suggestions from Research"

Kathy Doughty

Elaine Tarone

Marianne Celce-Murcia - "Communicative Competence and the Role of Grammar"

Andrew D. Cohen - "Developing Language Ability: Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?"

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