Brown Bag Lunch Presentations

Brown Bag Presentations

The web journal sponsors an average of two Brown Bag Lunch Presentation per academic year. The series showcases dissertation research and research-in-process conducted by current or former students and faculty members of the TESOL and Applied Linguistics programs at Teachers College, Columbia University, with a view to furthering our effort to promote dissemination of research. In offering presentations of interest to academics and professionals In TESOL and applied linguistics, the journal seeks to provide a focal point for exchanging state-of-the-art scholarly and empirical insights, not only in print but also via real-time, personal interactions.

Edward Getman - "The Nature of Task Engagement on a Computer-Delivered Speaking Test for Young Learners" 

Rong Rong Le - "The Pragmatic-Discursive Structure of Chinese Compliments in Naturally Occurring Conversation"

Erik Voss - "Developing Classroom Language Assessments with Technology"

Silvana Dushku - "Methodological Aspects of Vocabulary Teaching in Integrated English Language Instruction"

Payman Vafaee - "Aptitude for High-Level Language Proficiency" 

Brianna Avenia-Tapper - "The Relationship Between Academic Language and Expert Positioning: An instructional Intervention"

 Timothy Hall - "Learner Chunks in Second Language Acquisition"

Cate Crosby - "How do I respond?": An Examination of Second Language Writing Teacher Candidates' Responses to Multilingual Student Writers."

Domenica Luvera DelPrete - "Mother-Adolescent Daughter Interaction: How Maternal Roles Affect Discursive Outcomes"

Hoa Nguyen - "Formulaic Sequences at Your Beck and Call: The Idiom Principle and Second Language Instruction"

Beth Clark-Gareca - "'Sometimes a F+ is good': Elementary English Language Learners and Classroom Content Tests"
K. Philip Choong - "The Effects of Task Complexity on Written Production in L2 English"

Luciana de Oliveira - "Reading, Writing, and Talking Science with English Learners"

Ari Sherris - "Disturbing the future: Curriculum Change in an Israeli Kibbutz School"

Monika Ekiert - "Between Grammar and Pragmatics: Article Use in L2 English"

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