Office Procedures

The Office of the Bursar provides a range of services to students and staff of Teachers College. The services include: answering questions about tuition, housing, and other accounts receivable, billing and collecting tuition, housing, and other applicable fees; and disbursement of federal, private and institutional aid, and refund checks. In addition, the Office makes deferred payment arrangements for students who cannot make full payment, processes all payments for students and staff for tuition, housing, and loan accounts; and interacts with other offices to resolve discrepancies with accounts.


The administration of the office manages the day to day operational and personnel aspects of the office, implements all policy related decisions, and provide recommendations for effective and efficient process.

Cashiering & Accounts

The area of Cashiering and Accounts is responsible for the application of all tuition fee payments, depositing cash receipts of student, staff, and departmental funds, outside awards, federal and state aid, emergency loans, student and faculty refund checks. Certification of Fees, State Awards.

In addition, Petty Cash disbursement is handled by the Cashier area. Click here for official policy.

Disbursement form available on our forms page.

Proper college identification card will need to be presented at cashier windowfor acceptance and disbursement. You will need to attach all supporting documents, i.e., original receipts, plus adding machine tape summaries. The hours for reimbursement are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Loans & Collections

The Loans and Collections area works closely with students to disburse federal and institutionally administered loans which includes managing the preparation of all required documents for disbursement and collection, monitors all reconciliation activity for loans and collections, and handles collection activities of all tuition, housing and other receivable accounts. The Staff works with students, departments (academic and administrative), and outside agencies (including government agencies, servicing agencies, attorneys, and collection agencies).


The Accounting area is responsible for the reconciliation of various accounts including the Bursar Cash Clearing Account, the Touch- tone and Web Cash Clearing Account and the Student Refund Clearing Account. Additional responsibilities include managing the accounting aspect of the Marion Root Pratt Loan for union employees. Links to HR web site for loan application:

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