Payment Options

Various forms of payment are accepted for tuition and fees and may be used individually or in combination. Teachers College accepts checks, money orders, and cash. A deferred payment plan, employee tuition exemption, third party billing agreements, and financial aid are also available to finance a Teachers College education. Some restrictions may apply.


Tuition can be paid online directly from a personal checking or savings account drawn on a US bank. An eCheck payment will appear on your monthly statement as Teachers College Epayment. There is no fee to pay by eCheck. Online payments can be made by accessing the myTC Portal at: Returned checks are assessed a return-check fee and subject to collection fees, if necessary.

How to submit an eCheck payment:

  1. Login to myTC (
  2. Click on the tab "Student Resources".
  3. Click on the link "Account Summary".
  4. Click on the button "Pay Now". This will take you to the eBill & ePay site on Cashnet. 
  5. Click on "Make a Payment".
    • OR for prepayment:
    • Click on the box "Prepayment for Term". Enter an amount and select the Term then click on the button "Add to payment".
  6. Click the drop down next to amount box and select "Balance" if you want to pay it in full, or select "Other amount" if you want to pay different amount.
  7. Click on the button "Checkout". From this point, simply follow the online instructions.

Your bank must be based in the United States, and you will need your bank account information (account & routing #'s) to enroll. Debit/credit card information is not a valid bank account and will not be able to receive refunds.

International Wire Transfers

International students may pay their student account using international wire transfers. Students can generate a Convera international wire transfer payment request on the myTC ePayment site in their home currency, in most cases.

The benefits include:

  • Teachers College and Convera will not charge a fee for wire transfers.
    (NOTE: your bank may charge an encounter fee for wire transfer payments)
  • Competitive exchange rates valid for 72 hours.
  • Automated posting of wires to your student account when payments are received.

To learn more visit our International Wire Transfer Payment Method page.

Checks or Money Orders

Must be made payable to Teachers College. These types of payments can either be submitted in person, placed in the drop box, or mailed to the Office of the Bursar: 525 West 120th Street, Box 305, New York, NY 10027. 

Cash Payments

Must be made in-person at the Office of the Bursar, 133 Thompson Hall. During the academic year, the Office of the Bursar staff is available Monday through Friday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  (Please note, during the summer, the Office of the Bursar hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, and Friday 9:00 am until 1:00 pm virtual only).

Note: For payments that include more than $10,000 in cash, IRS Form 8300 will have to be completed at the cashier's window.

Online Installment Payment Plan

Students may choose to participate in the Online Installment Payment Plan during the Fall and Spring terms only (plan is not available for summer sessions). The Online Installment Payment Plan allows students to spread the term tuition, fees, and housing charges less any aid disbursed, over four equal installments during the semester. An online agreement between the student and Teachers College must be electronically completed on the myTC Student Information System Portal. A $50 fee is required to participate in the plan and the first installment plus the $50 fee is due at the time the student electronically signs the agreement. Click here for Instructions to Enroll in an Installment Payment Plan.

Office of the Bursar Official Payment Deadlines

Tuition Exemption

Tuition Exemption forms are accepted as payment for tuition only. Fees are not covered by tuition exemption benefit plans. Benefits received under this plan above $5,250.00, for the tax year, are taxed as a fringe benefit per US tax code. Please plan for this tax occurrence accordingly.

TC Tuition Exemption forms can be found at and then typing "tuition" in the search bar.

TC Employees, after form is completed, please deliver to Human Resources located in 120 Whittier. If you have further benefit questions, please contact Human Resources at 212.678.3175.

Third Party Agreements

Students enrolling under a third party agreement must submit an authorization form to the Office of the Bursar for approval. A third party is usually an outside agency (not an individual) that agrees to pay all or part of the charges incurred by a particular student. The authorization form must include the student's name, relevant semester(s), and the total amount of tuition and fee charges that the third party is willing to pay. The form must be signed by an official of the third party agency. A third party agreement between the College and the agency MUST be completed annually ( in some cases before beginning every semester ) before the start of the academic year. Click here for Third Party Payment Instructions.

Financial Aid

If all required applications and documentation have been filed with the Office of Financial Aid by the required deadline, financial aid awards should be available at the time of registration. Late application filing and anticipated student aid does with not constitute a deferment. Since tuition and all fees are due at the time of in-person registration, late payment penalties will be assessed on any outstanding balance as described under the "Late Payment Penalties" section of this web site. For further information about financial aid, please visit the web site for the Office of Financial Aid by clicking on the link below.

Office of Financial Aid


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