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Add a Sign-up Sheet

September 12, 2016 - September 12, 2016

Within Moodle, the Choice activity can be used to create a signup sheet for your students.

Step 1: Click on Turn editing on at the upper right corner of the course home page.

Step 2: In topic/weekly area, select Add an activity or resource and choose Choice, then click on Add.

Add a Choice

Step 3: Put in the title and description for the signup sheet.

Choice- General

Step 4: Under Options, input the meeting slots available.

Choice- Options

Choose Horizontally if there are only a few choices; choose Vertically if there are a large number of choices.
If students are allowed to change their responses, select Yes for Allow choice to be updated.
To make sure each slot is signed up by only 1 student, first select Yes for Limit the number of responses allowed, then input 1 below each option. If Limits is enabled but no limit is put in, then the limit becomes 0, which appears “full” to students and does not allow anyone to sign up. If Limits is disabled, any number of participants can select any of the options.

Step 5: To add more options, click Add 3 field(s) to form.

Add Fields

Step 6: Fill out the other options for the choice, including Publishing and Privacy options.

Choice- Results

Step 7: Click on Save and return to course.

To make changes to the activity: click on Edit Settings on the left panel under Administration.

To add time slots: open edit settings, scroll down to the bottom of the list and put time in Options and put 1 for Limit. If more time slots are needed, click on Add 3 field(s) to form.

To disable time slots: open edit settings, in the list of time slots, select the ones you would like to disable, then set the limit to 0. This slot will then appear as full to students.

To view student response: click on View response on the left panel under Administration. You can also download responses in a text or excel format.