Digital Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy at DFI

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Digital pedagogy encompasses the integration of digital tools, platforms, and resources into educational settings to enhance the teaching and learning experience. DFI emphasizes the use of technology to engage students, foster critical thinking, and promote collaboration in both traditional and online learning environments.

Digital Pedagogy Toolkit:

Resources and strategies for applying digital pedagogy in the classroom.

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Teachers Supporting Teachers

Discover new opportunities to connect with other educators.

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Course Support

Resource for faculty who would like to set up Canvas courses on their own.

Asynchronous Learning Activities Guide Icon

Course preparation guides

 Improving your courses and spark ideas on new and innovative learning strategies.

TC Staff Development

DFI builds engaging training programs from planning to content for TC

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AI In Education Instructional Resources

Resources for envisioning new educational possibilities with AI technologies.

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AI In the Classroom Video Series

Faculty and Student Perspectives from Teachers College

Tech Playground

 The latest tech trends in education

DFI Insights into Digital Pedagogy

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