Right Contacts to Get Help Faster

There are several departments at Teachers College that can provide you with assistance for various issues you may be having.

Canvas Support

  • Creating/Setting up a new course site
  • Posting/updating course content including readings, lecture presentations/videos, discussions, assignments, quizzes
  • Copying/Migrating content from another course
  • Integrating learning technologies with Canvas
  • Setting up Zoom meetings for your course
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Training on how to use Canvas for faculty and CAs

Instructional Media Support

  • Consultating and supporting with making media to be used as part of your instruction

Zoom Support

  • Training on how to use Zoom for faculty and CAs

Pedagogical Support

  • Brainstorming/Planning/Practicing in-classroom and/or online teaching strategies

Teaching and Learning Tools

  • Training on how to use the tools for faculty and CAs
  • Requesting a new tool/application
  • Troubleshooting technical issues

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In-classroom Tech Support

  • Setting up audio/video equipment (i.e. projectors, webcams, speakers, microphones, touch panels) for your classroom
  • Checking out audio/video equipment
  • Answering specific classroom technology questions
  • Troubleshooting in-classroom technical issues (i.e. projector/mic does not work)

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Software Support

  • Canvas: Adding CAs/TAs or Course Tech Specialist to your course
  • Zoom: Activating your TC pro license; Requesting for additional Zoom apps from the Marketplace; Troubleshooting technical issues
  • UNI & myTC: Activating new UNI; Troubleshooting
  • TC Gmail: Activating new email

Device Support

  • Setting up/Upgrading/Troubleshooting TC managed laptops.

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Zoom accessibility

  • Requesting live captioning/ASL interpreter for class meeting


  • Reviewing your course site for accessibility and accommodations
  • Requesting closed captions for lecture videos


  • Accommodations are adjustments to tasks, environment, or to the way things are usually done to provide access to individuals with disabilities.
  • Implementing accommodations for exams, courses, students, faculty, staff, guests, events (virtual or in-person)


  • Captioning media that will be shown in a course, on a website, or at an event


  • Reviewing your event (virtual or in-person) for accessibility and accommodation needs

Accessibility Review

  • Accessibility Review

Questions about accessibility? Contact OASID at

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