Right Contacts to Get Help Faster

There are several departments at Teachers College that can provide you with assistance for various issues you may be having.

Canvas Support

  • Creating/Setting up a new course site
  • Posting/updating course content including readings, lecture presentations/videos, discussions, assignments, quizzes
  • Copying/Migrating content from another course
  • Integrating learning technologies with Canvas
  • Setting up Zoom meetings for your course
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Training on how to use Canvas for faculty and CAs

Instructional Media Support

  • Consultating and supporting with making media to be used as part of your instruction

Zoom Support

  • Training on how to use Zoom for faculty and CAs

Pedagogical Support

  • Brainstorming/Planning/Practicing in-classroom and/or online teaching strategies

Teaching and Learning Tools

  • Training on how to use the tools for faculty and CAs
  • Requesting a new tool/application
  • Troubleshooting technical issues

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In-classroom Tech Support

  • Setting up audio/video equipment (i.e. projectors, webcams, speakers, microphones, touch panels) for your classroom
  • Checking out audio/video equipment
  • Answering specific classroom technology questions
  • Troubleshooting in-classroom technical issues (i.e. projector/mic does not work)

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Software Support

  • Canvas: Adding CAs/TAs or Course Tech Specialist to your course
  • Zoom: Activating your TC pro license; Requesting for additional Zoom apps from the Marketplace; Troubleshooting technical issues
  • UNI & myTC: Activating new UNI; Troubleshooting
  • TC Gmail: Activating new email

Device Support

  • Setting up/Upgrading/Troubleshooting TC managed laptops.

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Zoom accessibility

  • Requesting live captioning/ASL interpreter for class meeting


  • Reviewing your course site for accessibility and accommodations
  • Requesting closed captions for lecture videos


  • Accommodations are adjustments to tasks, environment, or to the way things are usually done to provide access to individuals with disabilities.
  • Implementing accommodations for exams, courses, students, faculty, staff, guests, events (virtual or in-person)


  • Captioning media that will be shown in a course, on a website, or at an event


  • Reviewing your event (virtual or in-person) for accessibility and accommodation needs

Accessibility Review

  • Accessibility Review

Questions about accessibility? Contact OASID at

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To extend and access a past course, you can follow these steps

  1. If the student is auditing the course, you can add the student by following these steps.
  2. If you need to add a student who will receive a grade for the course, that student will need to contact the registrar at registrar@tc.columbia.eduto make sure they have registered.

*Note, it can take up to 48 hours for students to be added to a Canvas course once they have registered

  1. To schedule support ahead of time for classroom technology, you will need to fill out a Media Services request form
  2. If you need support while you are in the classroom, you can use a classroom phone to dial extension 3300 and press option 1. To use your cell phone, dial (212)678-3300 and press option 1.
  1. Before adding, copying, or reusing a Padlet, ensure you are logged into your TC Padlet account by using the URL
  2. Then, you can follow these steps to:
    1. Create a TC Padlet
    2. Embed a TC Padlet into a Canvas page
    3. Copy a Padlet
    4. Reuse a Padlet 
  1. If you are the instructor of a course, you can copy that course into another course in which you are the instructor
  2. If you weren’t the previous instructor and still need the course copied, you will need to get permission from the instructor and forward that permission to
  1. Your course may not appear on your Canvas dashboard due to the course not being selected as a favorite within your dashboard. Select the course you want to appear on your Canvas dashboard
  2. If your course is still not appearing within Canvas, check the TC Course Schedule. If you see your name listed as the instructor for a course, but don’t see that course in Canvas, contact DFI.
  3. If your name does not appear on the TC Course Schedulefor a specific course, please contact your department’s DAA.
  1. Turnitin is automatically available for all faculty in Canvas. To create a Turnitin assignment, follow these steps
  2. If you want to use Turnitin to submit an individual paper, follow these steps

To extend and access a past course, you can follow these steps

*Reminder: For quick responses to Canvas related questions, chat or call their 24/7 support line by clicking the Help icon or follow these instructions.

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