Support for TC Staff Development

DFI offers instructional support for administrative offices and departments looking to create effective and engaging training programs and courses for members of the TC community. Our team can assist with all aspects of course development, including project planning, course design, content development, and technology integration, ensuring that your programs align with TC standards and are inclusive, effective, and engaging. To inquire about our support and services, please follow the guidelines below to submit your request.

While we are committed to providing the highest level of assistance possible, the specific scope of our involvement will depend on various factors such as ongoing projects, team capacity, and existing commitments. We strive to accommodate all inquiries to the best of our ability, and our team will work closely with you to discuss and tailor our support to align with your needs and objectives within the constraints of our available resources.


Course Design

Our instructional designers can assist at any stage of the development process. Whether you're just starting out and need help brainstorming ideas, refining your vision, and creating a course outline, or if you're further along in the process and require assistance with project planning and course development, we can help.

Content Development

Our instructional designers can consult and support with making your instructional content more visually appealing, interactive, and engaging for your audience. In the initial consultation, we can share examples with the required time and effort to inform your decisions about how you want to proceed.

Technology Integration

Our team can provide consulting and assistance with integrating innovative and effective technology tools that are available at TC, to enhance the delivery and learning experience of your program. If a new tool is necessary, we'll liaise with TCIT, OASID, and OGC to vet the tool, ensuring that it meets TC's high standards for data security, privacy, and accessibility.

Mara Danoff operating a camera with teleprompter in Macy Studio A

Media Production

Our Media Team is equipped to support you to create high-quality audio and video assets for your program.



The process begins with a request for support on the DFI website. Please choose General Inquiry to include a brief description of the project, the intended audience, and what you are looking to get help with.

Once the request is received, our team should reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation within 2 business days to discuss the scope of the project, the intended audience, the desired outcomes, and the project timeline. During this consultation, our team will also assess if the project aligns with DFI's mission and the resources available to determine to what extent we can support the project.

After the initial consultation, our team will develop a project proposal that outlines the scope of the project, the timeline, the resources required, and what we can support.

The project proposal will be reviewed and discussed by the relevant stakeholders, such as the Office of the Provost, the department chair, or the program director. Once the proposal is approved, the instructional design team should proceed to the design and development phase.

During the design and development phase, the instructional design team should work closely with the project stakeholders to create the learning objectives, the content outline, the instructional materials, and the assessment tools. The team should also incorporate any feedback from the stakeholders and conduct formative evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of the design.

After the design and development phase, the instructional design team should assist with the implementation of the training program or course. The team should also conduct summative evaluations to measure the effectiveness of the design and identify areas for improvement.

Submit a request to get started. Please choose General Inquiry category and include a brief description of the project, the intended audience, and what you are looking to get help with.

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