Immersive Learning

Immersive technology, encompassing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), offers interactive and immersive three-dimensional environments that extend learning beyond the physical classroom to engage students in an unprecedentedly imaginable way.

To fully harness its potential, a shift in teaching methodologies and pedagogy is crucial. DFI has been taking an active role in exploring the growing role of immersive technology in the pedagogical landscape and offering specialized programs and resources to guide the TC community in bringing this emerging technology into academia.


We host, co-sponsor, and support a wide range of programs to weave immersive technology into the fabric of teaching, learning, and research at the college.

Tech Playground: Extended Reality of Learning

This expo-style event showcasing different applications of AR and VR, offered every Fall semester, invites participants to explore and interact with immersive technology in a fun and playful environment.

Immersive Experience Club

This club, designed as a book-club style workshop, provides a collaborative space for members of the TC community to deeply explore the educational applications of VR and discuss how the technology can be innovatively and effectively used within the realms of teaching and learning.

On-Demand Sessions

On-demand workshops for small private groups provide a quick introduction to VR and try out experiences that are particularly catered to the interest of the group.

Extended Reality Field Trip

In this field trip, you delve into the immersive world of Extended Reality (XR) to explore its unimaginative capabilities and affordances for learning that no other tools can offer. With a great collection of VR and AR applications to choose from, you will get away with new insights into how this technology can potentially revolutionize learning.

Introduction to Virtual Reality Workshop

This session covers the essentials of VR starting from terminologies, equipments, its affordances for learning, and challenges of integrating VR into teaching. Additionally, you will also learn about an array of VR applications applicable to various learning subjects and get a chance to try out these VR applications.

Request an On-Demand Session for Your Group

Faculty and offices/departments interested in booking an on-demand session to integrate immersive technology into their courses/programs should submit their request at least one month in advance. We will meet to discuss the specific needs and attempt to accommodate the request based on our availability.

Services and Support

DFI provides support and consultation for faculty interested in using immersive technology in their courses and other programs.

Faculty Office Hours

DFI offers regular office hours Monday to Thursday, 10 AM - 4 PM where faculty can come try out VR headsets and get advice on how to introduce VR to their students or integrate the technology effectively into their teaching and research.

Individual Consultation

Faculty can also schedule individual consultations at their own convenience by submitting a support ticket on DFI website if they can't come to the office hours.

Event Highlights

Immersive Pedagogy

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To register for the Tech Playground, you'll want to visit the DFI’s Events Page. This event is usually offered in the Fall semester, and on the Events Page, you'll find more information on the specific dates, times, and links for signing up.

At the Tech Playground, you can expect an expo-style experience where you're free to explore and interact with various stations, each showcasing different applications of AR and VR - offering you a glimpse into the potential of these technologies in various fields and contexts.

The Immersive Experience Club is a unique and engaging three-session workshop series offered during both the Fall and Spring semesters. This club, designed as a book-club style workshop, provides a collaborative space for members of the TC community to deeply explore the educational applications of VR and discuss how the technology can be innovatively and effectively used within the realms of teaching and learning.

Each session in the series focuses on different aspects and uses of VR in education. This format allows members to not only learn about the technology, but also to think critically about its application in educational contexts.

To join the Immersive Experience Club, you should visit the Events Page where you will find detailed information about the schedule of the sessions and links to sign up.

Check out the Events Page for upcoming events and workshops.

Currently, we do not have a direct equipment loan service for students to check out VR/AR equipment, such as VR headsets, for personal educational or research projects. If you wish to utilize the equipment, we encourage you to collaborate with a faculty member who can sponsor your project. Together with your sponsoring faculty, you'll need to develop a proposal outlining the objectives and requirements of your project. Once the proposal is ready, the faculty can submit this request to DFI on your behalf and we will assess the feasibility and availability of the equipment to support your project. 

While we can't guarantee the provision of equipment for all requests, we strive to accommodate and support student projects wherever possible. This process ensures that the use of VR/AR technology aligns with educational and research objectives and that the equipment is utilized in the most effective manner.

We offer an array of support options for faculty members looking to integrate immersive technology into their teaching and research. 

  • Individual Consultation: We can discuss a range of topics, from the basics of immersive technologies to more advanced discussions about leveraging these tools in teaching and research.
  • Equipment Tryout and Checkout: Faculty can try out and check out our VR headsets to experiment with to determine what best suits their needs.
  • Private Workshops/Demo Sessions: We conduct specialized workshops or private sessions tailored to the specific needs of your course or project. 
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