Resources in Challenging Times

Resources in Challenging Times

These are stressful and distressing times for many members of our community who are personally affected by the Israel-Hamas war and crisis in and around Gaza. Many continue to be affected by violent conflict and humanitarian crises in other parts of the globe. Our primary focus is to support our students, faculty, and staff during this period, and ensure that our campus remains safe, welcoming and inclusive for all of us. This page includes a list of campus resources which can be helpful in navigating these challenging times.

College Announcements

Combating Antisemitism

Combating Islamophobia

Reporting Bias Related Incidents

Teachers College is dedicated to the promotion of equity, excellence, and the free exchange of ideas in education. Bias-related incidents are those involving language and/or behavior that demonstrates bias against persons because of their actual or perceived color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, race, religion, and/ or sexual orientation. If you believe a bias-related incident has occurred, please fill out the following form.

You may report to any of the following offices and/or administrators by email or in-person:

Support Spaces for Students

Columbia Health is offering support spaces for students affected by the Israel-Hamas war. This in-person confidential space is intended to provide comfort and support for students with personal connections to the areas affected by the conflict, who are worried about the safety and well-being of their loved ones there, or who are grieving the loss of friends or relations in the conflict. For more information about this support space, please visit:

For students with family or friends in Gaza, Lebanon or the West Bank, learn more via this link.

For students with family or friends in Israel, learn more about this support space via this link.

TC Public Safety Resources

If there is ever immediate risk to health or safety on TC's campus, please contact the Office of Public Safety's 24/7 Emergency Line at (212) 678-3333 / TC SAFE App.

For police, fire, or EMS, both on or off campus, remember to call 911.

On Columbia’s campus, please contact:

  • Morningside Campus Emergency Line: 212-854-5555
  • Manhattanville Campus Emergency Line: 212-853-3333
  • Medical Center Campus Emergency Line: 212-305-7979

Doxing Resources

Doxing refers to the collection of a user’s private information across multiple platforms (including social media) by an unauthorized individual, who then publishes the information in an attempt to shame or embarrass the user. Doxing may be conducted by researching public databases, hacking, or through social engineering. The term "doxing" is derived from the phrase "dropping dox (documents)." 

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