Wells, Amy S. (asw86)

Wells, Amy Stuart

Professor Emerita of Sociology and Education

Office Location:

700 GDodge

Office Hours:

Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm; Weds 7-8 pm and by appointment.

Educational Background

Prof Wells
Columbia University, Teachers College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Ph.D., Sociology of Education, 1991.
Boston University, College of Communications, M.S., Journalism, 1986.
Southern Methodist University, Dedman College, B.A., English, 1984.

Scholarly Interests

Educational policy. Race and education. Charter schools. School desegregation. School choice policy.

Selected Publications

Wells, A.S.; Fox, A.L.; and Miles, A. (forthcoming). "Longing for Milliken: Why Rodriguez Would Have Been Good but Not Enough." In K. J. Robinson and C. Ogletree (Eds) Rodriguez at 40: Exploring New Paths to Equal Educational Opportunity. New York, NY: New York University Press.

Wells, A.S. (Wednesday, March 13, 2013). "Why NYC Should Make Diversity a School Choice." Schoolbook.Org. National Public Radio.

Roda, A. and Wells, A.S. (2013). "School Choice Policies and Racial Segregation:  Where White Parents' Good Intentions, Anxiety, and Privilege Collide." American Journal of Education. 119 (2). (pp. 261-293).

Wells, A.S.; Warner, M.; Gresikowski, C. (2013) "The Story of Meaningful School Choice: Lessons from Interdistrict Transfer Plans." Chapter Nine in Gary Orfield and Erica Frankenberg (Eds.) Educational Delusions? Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools More Fair. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. (pp. 187-216).

Scott, J and Wells, A.S. (2013) "A More Perfect Union: Reconciling School Choice Policy with Equality of Opportunity Goals." Chapter Nine in Prudence Carter and Kevin Welner's (Eds.)  Closing the Opportunity Gap: What America Must Do to Give Every Student an Equal Chance. NY, NY: Oxford University Press. (pp. 123-140).

Wells, A.S.; Ready, D.; Duran, J.; Grzesikowski, C.; Hill, K.; Roda, A.; Warner, M.; & White, T. (2012). "Still Separate, Still Unequal, But Not Always So 'Suburban':  The Changing Nature of Suburban School Districts in the New York Metropolitan Area" Chapter Seven In W. F. Tate, IV (Ed.) Research on Schools, Neighborhoods and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility. AERA Presidential Volume. Washington D.C.: American Educational Research Association. (pp. 125-150).

Wells, A.S., Holme, J.J., Revilla, A.J., & Atanda, A.K. (2008). Both Sides Now: The Story of School Desegregation's Graduates. University of California Press.

Holme, J. J. & Wells, A.S. (2008). "School Choice Beyond District Borders: Lessons for the Reauthorization of NCLB from Interdistrict Desegregation and Open Enrollment Plans" In Richard Kahlenberg (Ed.) Improving on No Child Left Behind. New York, NY: The Century

Wells, A.S., Duran, J., & White, T. (2008). Refusing to Leave Desegregation Behind: From Graduates of Racially Diverse Schools to the Supreme Court. Teachers College Record.

Wells, A.S. (2008). "The Social Context of Charter Schools: The Changing Nature of Poverty and What it Means for American Education." In Matthew G.Springer,  Herbert J. Walberg,  Mark Berends, and Dale Ballou (Eds.) Handbook of Research on School Choice. Philadelphia, PA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Wells, A.S. & Frankenberg, E. (2007) "The Public Schools and the Challenge of the Supreme Court's Integration Decision." Phi Delta Kappan 89 (3) (pp.178-188).

Wells, A.S. & Holme, J.J. (2006). "No Accountability for Diversity: Standardized Tests and the Demise of Racially Mixed Schools." in the Resegregation of the American South. Jack Boger and Gary Orfield (Eds.). Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.
(pp. 187-211).

Wells, A.S., Holme, J.J., Revilla, A.J., & Atanda, A.K. (2005). "How Society Failed School Desegregation Policy: Looking Past the Schools to Understand Them." Robert Floden, (Ed.) Review of Research in Education. 28 Special Issue for the Brown Anniversary. pp. 47-100.

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Contested Voluntary School Integration Plans

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GOV. GEORGE PATAKI, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chancellor Joel Klein and other New York officials are in a huge hurry to raise the state limit on the number of charter schools, now set at 100. Bolstered by a growing demand for these more autonomous schools and some positive charter school test results in the city, they seem to think that the more charter schools, the better for the children of our city and state.

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In a commentary piece in Education Week, TC's Amy Stuart Wells argues that Barack Obama embodies the idealism of a generation not always known for it.

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If there was a central question at issue during the College's recent two-day symposium on the federal No Child Left Behind Act, it was if the country should set its sights on more realistic achievement targets than NCLB presently endorses.

A Changing of the Guard on TC's Board of Trustees

Four new trustees have joined the Teachers College Board, while two long-time members have concluded their service. Outgoing Trustee Marjorie Hart (at left) was named Trustee Emeritus. The Board now numbers 36 members.

Changing Faces on TC's Board

Four new trustees have joined the Teachers College Board, while two long-time members have concluded their service. Outgoing Trustee Marjorie Hart (at left) was named Trustee Emeritus. The Board now numbers 36 members.

TC President, 11 Faculty Make 2014 EduScholar Public Influence Rankings

Rankings by Rick Hess, education blogger for the American Enterprise Institute, include President Susan Fuhrman and Thomas Bailey, Jeff Henig, Luis Huerta, Sharon Lynn Kagan, Hank Levin, Ernest Morrell, Aaron Pallas, Michael Rebell, Judith Scott-Clayton, Amy Stuart Wells and Penny Wohlstetter. Hess annually ranks university scholars by their contributions to public debates about education.

2013 Year in Review: Research

2013 Year in Review: Research


How Desegregation Changed Us: The Effects of Racially Mixed Schools on Students and Society"

How Desegregation Changed Us: The Effects of Racially Mixed Schools on Students and Society"

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