About Faculty Housing

About Faculty Housing

The Office of Residential Services intends this summary as a handy guide for current and prospective faculty tenants in Teachers College properties. It includes basic information which we believe will be of value to you both while planning your move and once you have arrived.  We have included information of basic relevance to all tenants in New York City apartment buildings as well as information particular to Teachers College.

At present, because the demand for housing greatly exceeds the supply of available apartments, only full-time faculty in the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor and professor as well as senior executive officers are eligible for housing. The Executive Director of Campus Services and in conjunction with the Provost is responsible for assigning apartments based on the guidelines established by the Faculty Housing Committee impanelled by the President of the College in 1996.

As of July 1, 2004, any tenured faculty member moving into College housing is guaranteed housing for five years. At the end of the fourth year of residence, the faculty member will be informed by the College whether the fifth year will be the concluding year of residence, or if a three-year extension will be granted. Such an extension may be renewable, based on availability and at the discretion of the Office of Residential Services, and will be reviewed for possible extension at the end of the second year.

For pre-tenured faculty, the initial term of residency will be seven years, with the vacate/no vacate notification taking place in the sixth year. Non-tenured faculty will have the same possible residency extension policy available to them as tenured faculty.

Eligible faculty should email housing@tc.columbia.edu to express interest in faculty housing. 

The College Faculty Housing Committee impaneled by the President of the College in 1996 established guidelines for assigning apartments based on the number of individuals living in the unit as follows:


1 bedroom or small 2 bedroom


Large 1 bedroom or small 2 bedroom

Family of three

Large 2 bedroom or small 3 bedroom

Family of four

3 bedroom

Family of 5+

Large 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom

Assignment to the types of units listed above is based on availability and no guarantee can be made that the type of units listed above will be available for particular family size.

When making assignments, priority is given:
1st to new faculty entering the College,
2nd to continuing faculty not currently living in on-campus housing,
3rd to transfer requests from faculty currently in on-campus housing.

In general, moves are allowed Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. because the buildings are fully staffed during those times. Moving in on weekends or holidays is not allowed.

Moving companies must supply the Office of Residential Services with proof of insurance and must name Teachers College as an "Additional Insured."  This documentation should be received by Residential Services at least one day prior to move in and can be sent via email at housing@tc.columbia.edu ATTN: Executive Director of Campus Services.  The documentation should reference the faculty member moving in and the apartment number.

Once you move in, if you experience maintenance issue or have maintenance questions, contact the Office of Facilities Management at 678-3010 Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Security Deposits are not required for faculty housing.


All apartment licenses expire on June 30 of each year and are renewable for one year as long as the tenant maintains a full time compensated position with Teachers College. All Teachers College apartments are for full time faculty and senior administrative staff only. Apartments may not be passed along to surviving family members. If a licensee ceases to be full-time compensated employee of the College, the license automatically terminates and the individual must vacate the unit.

Given licensee is required to maintain a full-time compensated position with the College, the monthly housing charges are exempt from rent regulations, and increases are at discretion of the College.

Questions regarding your license should be addressed to the Executive Director of Campus Services at 212-678-3235.

Monthly rent charges, air conditioning charges and telephone charges are billed by the Office of Residential Services. Each tenant who signs a license is responsible for making the rent payment on the first of each month. Checks for rent payments are only accepted from the tenant of record.

Payment of all fees related to your apartment can be made in person at the Bursar in 133 Thompson, via the Web or via touch-tone telephone. Web payments and touch-tone payments require a PIN number which the tenant of record can receive from the registrar's office. Additionally, you may choose to pay your monthly rent using payroll deduction. Payroll deduction only captures your monthly apartment housing charge and will not pay for any additional fees on your account (air conditioning charges, etc).

Questions regarding your monthly rent bill or the balance of your account should be addressed to the Bursar located in 133 Thompson Hall. Failure to make housing monthly payments in accordance with the terms of your license may result in legal action as provided for by law including eviction from Teachers College housing.

Transfer requests should be communicated to the Provost and Executive Director of Campus Services.


Subletting is only allowed for instances of sabbatical leave or other approved College leave. It is required that the prime tenant submits an application for permission to sublet their apartment. This application is available from the Office of Residential Services or online. The application must be submitted and approved by the Executive Director of Campus Services before the subtenant moves in. In the event an apartment is sublet without the Office of Residential Services consent, you and your subtenant may be subject to legal action. Please be aware that the tenant of record remains liable for payment of rent and compliance with the other terms and conditions of license during the sublet period. The College will continue to bill the prime tenant monthly. The College will not accept payments from subtenants nor issue keys to subtenants.

Guidelines for Faculty Subletting

Only Teachers College tenants who are affiliates (employed by the College) may sublet their apartment and only for sabbatical leaves or other approved leaves.  Sub-tenants must be affiliated with TC or Columbia University and may not be full time students of either institution.  Subtenants must be full time employees of either TC or Columbia in compensated positions or in the classification of visiting scholar/visiting scientist.  
The following must be submitted along with the application to sublet:

  1. A passport-size photo of the subtenant (or photos, if the unit is for a couple or family)
  2. Documentation of affiliation. For example, a letter from TC or Columbia department head.

The prime tenant is expected to retain their status as a full-time faculty affiliate during the time of the sublet.  Faculty and staff appointments must be verified before consent is given.

Permission to sublet must be approved before the subtenant moves in and cannot be assigned to another subtenant. (If the prime tenant's rent is not current when they apply for permission to sublet, the application will not be processed until the full amount due is paid by certified check or money order).

In the event the prime tenant sublets without the College's consent, both the prime tenant and subtenant may be subject to legal action by the College to obtain possession of the premises.

Please keep in mind that as the prime tenant you will remain responsible for the rent and all other terms and conditions of the lease.

The subtenant has no independent rights to the unit and will not be permitted to retain the apartment beyond the term of the approved sublet agreement.

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