Pre-Award: Stages of Proposal Development

Teachers College (TC) requires that all grant and budget proposals be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). The OSP assists primary investigators (PI) in the development of grant and budget proposals. Proposals are required to have OSP approval in the form of a signature (written or electronic) prior to submission.  

For information about each stage of the pre-award process, click on the links below. 

Where to Find Funding

There are numerous opportunities for funding available from private and public sponsors. Matching your project to the best opportunity will improve the chances that the proposal is accepted.

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Proposal Deadlines

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Proposal Preparation

A well-prepared research proposal is crucial to the success of a proposal. Project officers support PIs with the interpretation of guidelines, support, and guidance in submission development.

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How to Become a PI

Researchers must be the PI on a project in order to submit a proposal. OSP helps guide researchers in gaining PI status.

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How to Budget

This section includes budgeting guides for PIs and necessary documents for submission by each sponsor organization.

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How to Apply

Click through for in-depth information regarding internal approvals, PI status, timeline, registration, and reapplying for grants.

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Sponsor Submission Tips

Each sponsor has unique requirements deadlines. OSP provides helpful tips for submitting proposals to NIH, NSF, US DOE, NYC DOE, private, and city sponsors.

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Student Hiring

Depending on the grant type, PIs can include graduate student workers under their budget. Click through for hiring guidelines and information that might affect budgeting.

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This section outlines the responsibilities and regulations regarding the employment of external consultants.

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Sponsor Reports

This section summarizes the main features of each agency's proprietary system along with information on the internal procedures for processing progress reports.

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OSP offers instructions for requesting to enter a contract as well as information on subcontracts, negotiations, and contract execution.

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International Grants

Finding and accepting funding from international sponsors is subject to internal review and restrictions. Click through for limitations and guidelines.

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Subrecipient Information Form

Domestic Subrecipient and International Subrecipient Information forms.


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