Who To Contact

Who To Contact


a headshot of OSP Director Natasha Guadalupe
Natasha Guadalupe
Director of Sponsored Programs

Location: (RH-G14)


Photo of Eileen
Eileen Hawley Nigro, M.A., CRA
Assistant Director of Sponsored Programs

Location:  (RH-G18)


Departments Represented: BERC, DFI, EPSA, Financial Aid, GIAS, Klingenstein, MST, Public Safety, ORL, Advancing Literacy


A headshot of Senior OSP Administrator Kirsten Taglo
Kirsten Talgo
Senior Sponsored Project Administrator & Compliance Specialist


Departments Represented: BBS (pre-award only), CCP (pre-award only), CCRC, HSAEP, ICCCR, Office of Teacher Ed/Peace Corp, Resilience Center


Ian MacDonald
Post Award Grants Manager

Location: (528 Bldg.-950B)


Department Represented: BBS post-award only


Jenny Neal
Senior Sponsored Project Administrator


Departments Represented: A&H, CPET, CPRE, C&T, HD (pre-award only), ITS, NCCF, NCREST, OGE, OSCP  

Anita head shot
Anita Ramnarain
Post Award Grants Specialist

Location: (RH-01G)


Departments Represented: CCP & HD post-award only

When Do You Need to Work with Us?

  1. Grants requiring funding to flow through the college which include private, foundation, corporate, city, state, and federal funding.
  2. Contracts or fee for service containing funding for the college to execute a project, professional development, etc.

What Do We Do?

We assist with budget and grant development and execution of funds. Your SPA can assist with internal approval for submission, helping researchers gain primary investigator (PI) status, and negotiation of contracts. Please visit our Pre-Award page and Post Award page for more information.

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