Contracting & Agreements

Contracting & Agreements

Recent Changes:

  • OSP has modified the Subcontract Request form. All subcontracts on grants where TC is the prime are set up in Banner under account #7224. The only change to the old form is the addition of this account number with a reminder that if you're using funds budgeted to any other account number in Banner, you should use the ICA Request Form and send it to the Vice President & General Counsel, Susan Mulliken xt. 4164
  • All requests to review agreements drafted outside the college should be sent to OSP, accompanied by the subcontract request form.

Instructions for Completing the Request to Enter into a Subcontract

  1. Complete all sections of the Request to Enter into a Subcontract Form for all subcontracts with other institutions or other entities NAMED in grant awards. Retain a copy for your files.
  2. OSP is now requiring Subcontract Request forms and supporting documents as Email Attachments sent to your Sponsored Project Administrator Contact. This will effectively date- and time-stamp everything and make it easier to share working drafts with our collaborators and so, hopefully, speed up processing. Supporting documents include:
    • Statement/Scope of Work

    • Invoice or Payment Schedule (i.e. monthly, quarterly, upon completion of certain deliverables, milestones, etc.)

    • Reporting Requirements

  3. If the Request Sheet is incomplete or contains inaccuracies, it may delay the issuance of an agreement.
  4. OSP generates a draft of the agreement for review by the project.
  5. Once the project notifies us that the agreement meets with their approval, we will forward the document for execution.
  6. Once the fully executed agreement is received, copies of it will be distributed to the project and the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting. At this point, billing may begin.
  7. It is imperative that requests are received and agreements fully executed before work begins so as not to defeat the purpose of this process and expose TC to unnecessary liability.
  8. For any extensions or changes to existing agreements please complete the Subaward-Amendment Request.
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