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Education Leadership

Department of Organization & Leadership

Contact Us

For all inquiries regarding applying to Teachers College and to any of the Education Leadership programs, please contact the Office of Admissions.

If you are interested in more information regarding the programs in Education Leadership, please contact the following individuals:


Professor Mark Anthony Gooden Program Director, SPA NYC Summer Principals Academy, NYC 212-678-3113
Professor Ellie Drago-Severson Program Director Ph.D. in Education Leadership (212) 678-4163
Professor Brian K. Perkins Program Director, SPA NOLA Summer Principals Academy, NOLA (212) 678-3071
Lubna Kayyali Education Specialist, UELP Urban Education Leaders Program  (212) 678-5060
Pete Simpson Assistant Director Klingenstein Center (212) 678-3156
Amina Abdelaziz Academic Secretary, Education Leadership    (212) 678-3139
Tanzina Taher
Program Manager, Education Leadership    (212) 678-3984
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