Air Quality/Job Safety Plans

Air Quality/Job Safety Plans

Air Quality

In order to provide a safe working environment, the College has increased our fresh air and improved indoor air quality on campus. This includes:

  • Installing MERV 13 air filters in all HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, which support a large portion of the campus. These will be changed several times a year. 
  • Increasing outside air to 100% for all units that have central systems, which provides 6-7 exchanges of air per hour, and exceeds CDC recommendations
  • Purchasing 115 air purifiers of various sizes for distribution across campus

For workspace that does not have access to HVAC, or windows that open to the outside, the College will provide an air filter if an assessment of the space deems it necessary. Please contact the Office of Public Safety at for an assessment of your space by Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities. 

If you feel your air conditioner needs to be replaced or serviced, please place a work order with Facilities and they will examine your unit and replace it with a centrally funded new air conditioner if deemed necessary.  Work orders can be filed through the portal here.

Job Safety Plans

Environmental Health and Safety has performed a job safety plan for all spaces on campus resulting in the installation of plexiglass for forward-facing individuals and defining any personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements.

Occupancy and spacing plans in classrooms and offices have been implemented based on CDC and NYS guidelines.  


  • Signage has been installed in restrooms, elevators, corridors to help promote health and safety practices on campus 
  • Personal hand sanitizer has been placed on every desk by Public Safety
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in public spaces throughout the College
  • A sanitary wipe dispenser has been placed in every classroom 
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