Profile Picture of James H Borland

James H Borland

Professor of Education

Profile Picture of Lucy M Calkins

Lucy M Calkins

Robinson Professor in Children's Literature

Robinson Professor in Children's Literature, Director of the Literacy Specialist Program, and Founding Director of the Reading and Writing Project

Profile Picture of Daniel Friedrich

Daniel Friedrich

Associate Professor of Curriculum

Profile Picture of Maria Paula Ghiso

Maria Paula Ghiso

Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Profile Picture of Anne Lin Goodwin

Anne Lin Goodwin

Evenden Professor of Education

Vice Dean and Professor of Education and PI and Project Director, TR@TC (Teaching Residents at Teachers College program); Co-Director, Joint MA Degree Program, Teachers College, NY and National Institute of Education, Singapore

Profile Picture of Thomas Hatch

Thomas Hatch

Professor of Education

Co-Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST)

Profile Picture of Michelle Georgia Knight-Manuel

Michelle Georgia Knight-Manuel

Professor of Education

Executive Editor, Teachers College Record

Profile Picture of Nancy Louise Lesko

Nancy Louise Lesko

Maxine Greene Professor for Distinguished Contributions to Education

Maxine Greene Professor

Profile Picture of Srikala Naraian

Srikala Naraian

Associate Professor of Education

Program Director

Profile Picture of Celia Oyler

Celia Oyler

Professor of Education

Profile Picture of Dirck Roosevelt

Dirck Roosevelt

Associate Professor of Practice

Director, Doctoral Specialization in Teacher Education; Director, M.A. in Curriculum & Teaching; Director, Professional Certification M.A.s (elementary and secondary)

Profile Picture of Marjorie Siegel

Marjorie Siegel

Professor of Education

Profile Picture of Mariana V. Souto-Manning

Mariana V. Souto-Manning

Professor of Early Childhood Education

Director, Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Special Education Programs // Founding Co-Director, CITED

Profile Picture of Haeny S. Yoon

Haeny S. Yoon

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education


Profile Picture of Celia S. Genishi

Celia S. Genishi

Professor Emerita of Education

Profile Picture of Susan Recchia

Susan Recchia

Professor of Education

Coordinator, Program in Early Childhood Special Education Faculty Director, Rita Gold Early Childhood Center

Profile Picture of Karen Zumwalt

Karen Zumwalt

Professor Emerita of Education


Profile Picture of Britt Kjerstin Hamre
Profile Picture of Kara G. Hollins

Kara G. Hollins

Lecturer - Elementary and Secondary Inclusive Education Program (C&T)


Profile Picture of Doris Catherine H. Rikhye
Profile Picture of Nancy Sall
Profile Picture of Samuel Shreyar
Profile Picture of Jacqueline Ann Simmons

Jacqueline Ann Simmons

Senior Lecturer

Vice Chair, Department of Curriculum & Teaching and Director, Master of Education Program in Curriculum & Teaching

Profile Picture of Jean YiChin Wong

Adjunct Faculty

Profile Picture of Carmela B. Gustafson

Carmela B. Gustafson

Adjunct Professor (C&T 4137.002 - Summer B - Carmela Gustafson)

Profile Picture of Chiao-Wei Liu

Chiao-Wei Liu

Adjunct Professor (Fall 2019, C&T 4010.001)

Profile Picture of Lara Steensland Mullarkey

Lara Steensland Mullarkey

Student Teacher Supervisor

Field-based Education Supervisor

Profile Picture of Elizabeth Rose Rollins
Profile Picture of Lisa Ruth Wright

Lisa Ruth Wright

Director, Hollingworth Center


Profile Picture of Angel Acosta

Angel Acosta

Interim Research Assistant (542540)

Profile Picture of Rebecca L Bellingham
Profile Picture of La Toya Camille Kamiska Caton

La Toya Camille Kamiska Caton

Full Time Instructor

Student Teacher Coordinator

Profile Picture of Hui Soo Chae
Profile Picture of Georgina Wood Duff

Georgina Wood Duff

Part Time Instructor (C&T 4502.002 - G. Duff - Fall 2020)

Profile Picture of Abigail Copeland Emerson
Profile Picture of Amanda Reeves Fellner
Profile Picture of Joshua David Jenkins

Joshua David Jenkins

Part Time Instructor (Fall 2019, C&T 4132.005)

Profile Picture of Hareem Atif Khan
Profile Picture of Chico Reynard Knight

Chico Reynard Knight

Part Time Instructor (C&T 5091.001 - Spring 2020)

Profile Picture of Rachel Powers Knight

Rachel Powers Knight

Full Time Instructor (Early Childhood Education)

Profile Picture of Rachel Leeper

Rachel Leeper

Part Time Instructor (C&T 4080.002 - R. Leeper - Fall 2020)

Profile Picture of Tara F Lencl

Tara F Lencl

Part Time Instructor (C&T 4131.002 - T. Lencl - Fall 2020)

Profile Picture of Madeleine Ilana Neufeld

Madeleine Ilana Neufeld

Full Time Instructor (Elementary Inclusive Preservice Program) AY 20/21

Profile Picture of Katherine Scott Newhouse

Katherine Scott Newhouse

Bruce S. Goldberg Postdoctoral Fellow in Youth Wellbeing - Media and Social Change Lab

Profile Picture of Christopher Richard Ongaro

Christopher Richard Ongaro

Part Time Instructor (C&T 4026.001 - C. Ongaro - Fall 2020)

Profile Picture of Suzanne Pratt
Profile Picture of Michael Alexander Rae-Grant

Michael Alexander Rae-Grant

Full Time Instructor (Literacy Specialist Program)

Profile Picture of Erica Michelle Russo
Profile Picture of Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Associate Director of Professional Development

Profile Picture of Catherine Yanan Cheng Stahl

Catherine Yanan Cheng Stahl

Part Time Instructor (C&T 4032.001 - C. Stahl)

Instructor, Department of Curriculum & Teaching

Editorial Graduate Student, Teachers College Record

Consultant, Graduate Writing Center

Profile Picture of Jamie Lee Uva
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