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Why “Play” in Research and Pedagogy?

A fundamental part of our mission at DFI is to honor play as a site of imagination, creativity, and possibility. By centering the voices of young people as well as recognizing the value of play for adults, we gain a fuller picture of the complexity of play, as well as its role in fostering community, shaping identities, and nurturing overall well-being. Thisapproach also helps us to refine our understanding of the conditions that facilitate play—the materials, individuals, environments, and boundaries that distinguish and comprise play in its many forms.

Playful Projects

Browse the following play-centric projects incubated at DFI.

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Pop and Play

Professors Haeny Yoon and Nathan Holbert take play seriously. On their podcast, Pop and Play, they talk with educators, parents and kids about how they play in their work and their lives, and why play matters. 

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Play and Wellbeing Site

Play and Wellbeing is a public pedagogy project that compiles and synthesizes research, commentaries, and original multimodal works that address the many dimensions of play across the lifespan, and their impacts on wellbeing.

DFI Opportunities for Play

Check out these additional opportunities at DFI for becoming involved in play and playful projects:

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