Continuing Review

Continuing Reviews

Once your IRB protocol has been approved, your protocol may be required to undergo a continuing review. Only expedited and full reviews undergo a yearly continuing review. Depending on the risk level (vulnerable population, or potentially shifting landscape) some continuing reviews may have more than a yearly continuing review.

In order to submit a continuing review, log in to the MyTC portal and click the Faculty, Student, or Employee Resources tab. On the right side, you will find a link to Mentor IRB. Click on the My Protocols sidebar and then choose the study you would like to review. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a tab labeled, Cont. Reviews. There will be a section for each year of review. Under the most recent year, there will be a small, grey Complete & Submit button. Click this and follow the rest of the prompts to submit.

In some cases, primary investigators (PIs) will have finished data collection and no longer need to undergo continuing reviews. In these cases, it is important that PIs proceed with Terminating their Protocol prior to the next review period. 

Please review our How to Submit a Modification, Continuing Review, Adverse Event, and Deviation for more detailed instructions and information on this topic.

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