Sprintax Tax Software

Sprintax Tax Software

Sprintax Tax Prep is now available through your Teachers College MyTC Portal.

Sprintax is designed for non-resident alien students (who have been in the U.S. for less than 5 years) and scholars  who have tax filing obligations.  If you are a continuing enrolled TC international student with a valid TC UNI/ID, you may log on to Sprintax through your MyTC Portal to prepare your U.S. tax return for the Internal Revenue Service. The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) will be sending an email with instructions including the code. 

If you prefer not to use Sprintax, you may download updated Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of tax return from the appropriate tax websites. 

The IRS also lists free on-line tax preparation services for U.S. citizens and residents here.  Popular commercial tax preparation services include TurboTax (http://www.turbotax.com) and H&R Block (http://www.hrblock.com).

Please keep in mind that due to legal restrictions, the OISS is unable to assist you in completing your individual tax return. 

Sprintax Guide

Download the Sprintax Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use Sprintax to file taxes.

Sprintax Guide

Need Sprintax Support?

If you need help while using Sprintax, you can contact their support team using the options below

Email - hello@sprintax.com

24/7 Live Chat Help

Refer to their FAQs

 Sprintax Educational Tax Videos and Blog:

You also have access to the Sprintax YouTube account where there are a number of educational videos on nonresident taxes. These will provide further clarity on nonresident tax and how to use Sprintax. Sprintax also offers a range of useful content on their blog to help you file your return.

 Sprintax Webinars:

Do you need additional help in filing your taxes? You may find their Webinar series helpful. Click the links to register.

Sprintax 2023 Webinars


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