Things to Know on Exam Day

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Office of Doctoral Studies


Please see below some important items and rules to be aware of on exam day:


Prior to the exam

- Please show up at least twenty minutes prior to the exam start time.

- Please have your TC ID Card ready to show to ODS staff. You will sign in and then pick up your exam envelope. NOTE: Do not open your exam envelope until instructed to do so.

- Exam takers not receiving an extra-hour have assigned seating. Your exam envelope will have a number corresponding with your seat in the main room.

- Exam takers receiving an extra-hour will take the exam in a separate room in the computer lab. No non-extra hour students will be seated within this room. 

- If you arrive late due to weather, traffic, etc, you will be allowed to take the exam, but your end time will be the same as if you were on time.

- Your exam envelope may indicate specific instructions for you to follow, such as using a code number instead of your name on your Word file.

- Special instructions on the exam envelope may specify if you are allowed to bring extra items to the exam such as published articles, bibliographies, or notes. You may have these items in your exam area only if they are listed on the exam envelope.

- Prior to the start of the exam, you may pre-save your file to the desktop using your name and the exam period (e.g., Jane Doe October 2018 AM Cert Exam). If you have special instructions to use a code, then use that instead. If you do not know how to do this, please ask a proctor and they will assist you.

- Create an every-page header that matches your file name. If you do not know how to do this, please ask a proctor and they will assist you.

- Exam takers will remove their wrist watches and fully turn off their cell phones. NOTE: If your cell phone rings or makes noise during the exam, your exam will be considered over.

- Exam takers may bring and use a dictionary (paper or electronic). Electronic dictionaries must not be wi-fi capable.

- Exam takers may bring and use a non-programmable and non-internet capable calculator. Computer users may use the calculator program on their computer.

- Exam takers are permitted to eat and drink, but you must be careful not to spill food/drink on the college computers. Be considerate of your fellow test takers and do not bring extra-pungent food items or loud items such as potato chips.

- Prior to the exam, exam takers may study, talk, and use the bathroom at their leisure.


Once the exam begins

- There will be no talking or looking around at other exam takers during the examination.

- Once the exam begins, only one person at at time may use the bathroom. If you wish to use the bathroom, raise your hand and a proctor will let you know when you can go. Using the bathroom does not extend your testing time.


- At the start of every exam hour, you will be made aware of time remaining.


End of Exam

- If you are done early, you may raise your hand and a proctor will come by and assist you.

- When you are done with your exam or at the end of the alloted time, the proctor will ensure that you properly saved your file and you have a header with the same information. Once confirmed, you will be allowed to leave the exam room.

- All items used during the exam will be left on the exam table. You may only take your food and personal items you brought.




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Office Hours

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please see our staff directory for contact information.

Our hours of Operation are as follows:
Monday - Friday         9 am - 5 pm

During Summer Session our hours of Operation are:
Monday - Thursday       9 am - 5 pm
Friday                           9 am - 1 pm  

Please check the Academic Calendar for dates the college is closed.