Review Categories

Review Categories

When submitting a protocol to TC IRB, researchers may undergo one of three types of review: Exempt, Expedited, or Full Board Review. It is important that you choose the correct review category when submitting a new protocol. 

Exempt Review

Research that involves human subjects but involves none or very minimal risk. There are eight (8) exemption categories. This type of review must be approved by the IRB Chair and confirmed in writing to the Principal Investigator.


Expedited Review

 Research that involves human subjects but does not pose more than minimal risk. It must fall into one of the seven categories.

Full Board Review

If research does not precisely fit under either the exempt or expedited review categories, it will be subject to review by the full board.


Standard Review of Research

All IRB members have an opportunity to review or comment on any project approved by expedited or exempt review. If the Chairperson decides that a project should not be approved by expedited or exempt review, the project will be reviewed at the next convened full board meeting using the standard practices for new and continuation applications.

For more information, please see our Standard Operating Procedures and the Office for Human Research Protections website. You can also find detailed information on key updates to the Common Rule at Common Rule Updates

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