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Resources for Researchers

TC researchers often partner with external institutions in order to conduct high-quality research. The guides listed below are available to aid researchers in their study development and execution.

While TC IRB aims to be a resource to its researchers through the provision of guides, sucessful parternship with external institutions is ultimately under jurisdiction outside of TC IRB. As a result, TC IRB cannot guarantee approval with other institutions.

What is Human Subjects Research?

Human Subject Research - Image

Writing for IRB Review

Writing For IRB - Image

Faculty Sponsors & Student Researchers

Faculty Sponsors & Student Researchers - Alt Image

Data Sharing, Requests, and Encryption

Data Encryption - Image

Conducting Internet Research

Sample Language for Obtaining Consent Online

IRB Submission Document Templates & Samples

IRB Submission Document Templates & Samples

Submitting a Protocol for Existing Data

Notes on Recruitment Materials

The Assent Process with Minors

Obtaining Parent Permission

Working with NYC DOE

Conducting Research with Your Own Students

Working with Your Students - Image

Conducting International Research

International Research - Image

Creating a Reliance Agreement (SMART IRB)


Understanding Potential Risks for Human Subjects Research

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