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Resources for Researchers

TC researchers often partner with external institutions in order to conduct high-quality research. The guides listed below are available to aid researchers in their study development and execution.

While TC IRB aims to be a resource to its researchers through the provision of guides, successful partnership with external institutions is ultimately under jurisdiction outside of TC IRB. As a result, TC IRB cannot guarantee approval with other institutions.

What is Human Subjects Research?

Human Subject Research - Image

In-Person Research Requirements

Writing for IRB Review

Writing For IRB - Image

Faculty Sponsors & Student Researchers

Faculty Sponsors & Student Researchers - Alt Image

Data Sharing, Requests, and Encryption

Data Encryption - Image

Research Writing & Ethics Internship

Internship - Image

Conducting Internet Research

Remote and Online Consent

IRB Submission Document Templates & Samples

IRB Submission Document Templates & Samples

Submitting a Protocol for Existing Data

Understanding Potential Risks for Human Subjects Research

Notes on Recruitment Materials

The Assent Process with Minors

Obtaining Parent Permission

Working with NYC DOE

Conducting Research with Your Own Students

Working with Your Students - Image

Conducting International Research

International Research - Image

Creating a Reliance Agreement (SMART IRB)


Conducting Research in K-12 Education Settings

Conducting Research in K-12 Education Settings
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