Documents for AER20

Downloadable Documents for AER20

The following documents are the deliverables mentioned in Teachers College Institutional Review Board's poster presentation at the 2020 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, hosted by Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R). The poster was titled "Fostering Ethical Research Compliance in International Settings," by Kailee Kodama Muscente, Ed.M., M.A., & Myra Luna Lucero, Ed.D. The deliverables below are only for personal, non-commercial use (not for resale, or any commercial use of any kind). 

Fostering Ethical Research Compliance in International Settings Poster Presentation

AER20 Programmatic Poster


  1. Data Transmission Checklist - DocumentA checklist to be used when transmitting data between the primary investigator and an external researcher. The checklist ensures that the data being sent has been de-identified and is in compliance with participant protection requirements. 
  2. Data Sharing, Requests, & Encryption Guide: This guide gives researchers information about sharing, requesting, and securing participant data. 
  3. International Research Guide: This guide is meant to support researcher preparations for conducting international research.
  4. External Site Permission Forms 
    1. School Permission Template: This template outlines a memo-style agreement between the school site and the researcher.
    2. Site Permission Template: This template outlines a memo-style agreement between an external site (e.g., an organization or company) and the researcher. 
    3. Site Permission COVID-19 Template: This template includes language about COVID-19 related risks and guidances.
  5. Sample Consent Language for Online Studies: The following guide provides researchers with sample language to include on the consent form for an online study. 
  6. TC Reviewer Questions Checklist: Questions an IRB reviewer might ask themselves when reviewing a protocol.
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