Full Board Review

Full Review Board

If your project does not precisely fit under either the exempt or expedited review categories, it will be subject to full board review. Studies that involve more than minimal risk require review at a fully convened IRB meeting.  

Convened Full Board Dates

Materials Due: Meeting Date:
Monday, December 11 Wednesday, December 20
Tuesday, January 16 Wednesday,  January 24
Monday, February 12 Wednesday, February 21
Monday, March 18 Wednesday, March 27
Monday, April 8 Wednesday, April 17
Monday, May 13 Wednesday, May 22
Monday, June 17 Wednesday, June 26
Monday, July 8 Wednesday, July 17


Meeting dates for all review categories are posted on the Meetings & Deadlines page. Research submitted as a full review requires approval from a majority of IRB members.

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