Return To Campus Checklist for Supervisors

Planning to Return to Campus

While on Campus

  • Develop communication plans for team meeting procedures, office norms, and expectations for teams who will either be remaining remote or using a Hybrid model. Visit the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 Manager Resources page for best practices. Consult with your HR Representative as needed.

  • Review Physical Distancing and Behavior Guidelines with teams for both private and shared work spaces.

  • Conduct regular check-ins with teams to discuss their challenges, concerns, or questions. Contact your HR Representative for any additional assistance needed when offering support.

  • Review procedures with team members if an employee is feeling ill while at work or experiencing COVID related symptoms. Procedures include going home, completing the daily health screen, and consulting with their physician and recommended testing protocols.

If An Employee Notifies You They Tested Positive for COVID-19 At Work

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