Public Safety Officers

Public Safety Officers

The dedicated Officers of the TC Public Safety team:

TC Public Safety Officers patrol the campus and buildings and staff several fixed posts on our campus.  They also respond to emergencies and calls for assistance.  TC Public Safety's jurisdiction Is limited to TC’s campus and buildings.  The TC Office of Public Safety has officers on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All members of the TC community, including students, faculty, and staff, are encouraged to promptly report all crimes and incidents to the Office of Public Safety.


1st Platoon 

Officer Ed Smyth

Officer Ronald Chambers

Officer Bob Coapman

Officer Adam Gullo

Officer Doug McCartney 

Officer Patrick McDaniel

Officer Angela Nelson

Officer Daniel Ulrich

Officer Randy Rodriguez

Officer Patricia Williams 


2nd Platoon   

Lieutenant Gary Lord 

Officer Wagner Blackshaw

Officer Dennis Chambers 

Officer Duamatef Hensekh  

Officer Julio Mendez 

Officer Tariq Simmons

Officer Felipe Naves

Officer Josue Rosario

Officer Ronald Chambers 


3rd Platoon 

Sergeant Elihu Anderson  

Officer Frederick Awity

Officer Luis Cruz

Officer David Jones

Officer Zacchaeus Jaurey

Officer Reynaldo Medina

Officer Linda Thomas   

Officer Sherry Simmons

Officer Calvin Tatum

Officer Randy Rodriguez

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