Visitor Access to the TC Campus

ID Requirements for visiting TC Academic Buildings and Residential Halls

Academic Buildings and general access 

Below are the general access guidelines for entrance into Teachers College (TC) Academic Buildings, Residential Halls, and the campus library (Gottesman Library).   

Access to TC academic buildings is through the Main Entrance at the Zankel Building at 525 West 120th Street. Valid photo identification must be shown to the public safety officer at the Zankel desk to be issued a visitor pass and gain entry to the academic buildings 

  • Valid forms of ID; Teachers College ID card
  • Valid ID card from affiliated institutions, including; Columbia University (CU), Barnard College, Union Theological, or Jewish Theological seminaries.  
  • Valid government-issued ID (including city/state ID cards, driver's license, or Passport).  

Limited Access entries points:  

528 Building entrance, adjacent to the Public Safety booth on W 120th Street

  • Students, staff, and faculty of TC or CU-affiliated institutions (including Barnard College) are allowed to enter the campus through this point.
  • Must present a valid ID card at the PS booth.
  • Visitors must use the main entrance 

Hours of operation: Monday - Thursday, 7:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.; Friday, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

This entrance is closed on weekends and holidays. 


Grace Dodge Hall entrance (West 121st. Street)

  • Must present a valid ID card. 
  • TC residential students, and affiliated institution students, residing at Teachers College.
  • Visitors must use the main entrance

Accessible between 6:45 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. A valid TC ID card is required to access this entrance.

TC academic buildings, and the dining hall, are generally not open to the public; however, non-affiliated visitors may enter the College for specific events that are open to the public or as a guest of a member of the College community. Visitor restrictions apply.  


Residential Halls

Guests are permitted to enter the residential hall when visiting or accompanied by the student resident of the building. The following are the guidelines for residential visitor access;

  • The student must have a valid Teachers College  / Columbia University ID
  • The student must be a resident of the building the guest is accessing
  • Student residents must meet the guest in the lobby in order for the guest to be permitted access


  • Visitors to a residential hall must show a valid governmental photo ID (See general access)
  • Must be accompanied by their resident host
  • Student residents, along with their guests, will be signed in
  • Visitors have limited access to the campus.  
  • Guests are generally not permitted to stay with the resident longer than 48 hours.  Contact your Community Assistant (CA) or Residential Services for further information.     

A valid Teachers College ID card must be presented at an access control reader or to a Public Safety Officer when entering any campus building.

Teachers College community members who do not have their Teachers College ID card, when entering campus, must show a valid picture ID (e.g., driver’s license), sign in, and receive a Visitor Pass.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to wear their Teachers College or affiliate institution ID card on their outermost garment when on campus. Visitors are required to wear their Public Safety-issued Visitor Pass on their outermost garment while on campus.   

Access to Gottesman Library 

Access to the Gottesman Libraries is through the main entrance at Zankel Hall. Access to the Library is restricted to the students/staff/faculty of Teachers College Columbia University and their guests. For more information, visit: 

***Teachers College and Teachers College Public Safety reserves the right to deny entry/access to anyone who may pose a threat or who acts in a threatening or unruly manner (verbal or otherwise) or causes a health risk or any other manner that may cause alarm or injury to members of the TC community.     

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