How We Support You

Our core model on how to support and serve our TC students and alumni. The NEXUS career path is a research-based, theory-informed approach to graduate career services in Education, Leadership, Healthcare, and Psychology. Encompassing a wide range of professional experiences and needs, NEXUS is a non-linear model created for students and alumni to engage, within our channels, where they feel most comfortable and ready.

In alignment with TC's dedication to promoting equity and excellence in education, social justice and equity sit at the core of the NEXUS model. These goals, as well as that of overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups, guide TC NEXT's individualized approaches in helping students carve their career paths and the steps taken in their vocational journeys. All TC NEXT programming and services are created to support individuals’ development in one or more of the six elements of the NEXUS, including Community, Strategy, Growth, Purpose, Identity, and Skill Building.


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