No-Show/Cancellation/Late Policy

'21-'22 No-Show/Cancellation/Late Policy

At TC NEXT, we believe it's our responsibility to prepare you for the expectations of the working world and to provide you with the best career support services possible. 

We also understand that last-minute emergencies arise that may affect your ability to attend a confirmed TC NEXT program or event. That said, our team’s time is valuable, and it’s important that you communicate if your schedule changes. In order to serve as many students and alumni as possible, as well as to communicate professionalism to employers, we have established some clearer policies about appointment cancellations and no-shows, beginning during the '21-'22 academic year.

TC NEXT Events Policy 

  • Reschedule requests: Communication to the TC NEXT team up to 24 hours before a scheduled event is considered a reschedule request. If reschedule requests are received no later than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session, no penalties will be imposed.
  • Cancellations: Three Requests to reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment per year will result in suspended access to TC NEXT services for the remainder of the semester, to reset the following semester
  • No-shows: Lack of attendance at a registered event, without request to cancel or reschedule, will be considered a no-show. Additionally, arriving more than 10 minutes late to programming will be considered a no-show and will prevent entrance to the event. 
    • More than two no-shows in one semester will result in suspended access to TC NEXT services for the semester.
    • No-shows for employer events: If a student has registered and is a no-show, they must send an apology to the employer via Laura Coleman, Associate Director of Employer Relations (, who will pass it along to the employer. Students will not have access to future events until they complete this apology.

Appeals process:

  • If you would like to appeal TC NEXT's decision, you may send an email to within 48 hours of the event, explaining why you cancelled late or did not show up for the event.  Include the name, date, and time of your missed session. 
    • If you have any substantiating documentation (medical excuse, car towing receipt, accident report, etc.), please include that documentation in your email
  • Upon receipt of this information, the Associate Director will review your case and advise you of the final decision.
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