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TC NEXT Career Learning Modules

Our team is excited to launch the TC NEXT Career Modules. These self-paced modules will offer you an opportunity to explore each aspect of a job search and continuing education pathway. The self-paced modules will allow you to focus on each aspect of your search with worksheets, assessment inventories, and other customized content to support your career needs at any point of your career search. Access Modules by logging into your TC Google account.  


TC NEXT Career Coaching

Our staff works with TC students in all programs and fields of interest. Students can meet one-on-one with a career coach for a 30-minute appointment, or they can drop by the office during walk-in hours for quick questions. 

TC NEXT’s Career Peers are now available to meet with fellow students to review documents and search for opportunities. Career Peers are available for virtual quick questions on Fridays from 1pm-3 pm (by appointment via the Career Resources Portal by clicking below. 

Career Resources Portal

Additionally, Career Peers will be available for 10-minute drop-ins on Mondays from 3pm-5pm, Tuesdays from 3pm-5pm, Wednesdays from 11am-12 pm, and Thursdays from 3pm-4pm (international focus). No appointments are needed for these drop-ins." 

Additional Resources

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Learn more about yourself, possible career paths aligned with your degree, career transitions, industry trends, and how to build connections within your field of interest.

Get organized and start your job search campaign! Partner with a career coach to develop a resume/CV  that highlights your skills and achievements, and cover letters specific to positions you’re interested in. Including support with digital portfolios, personal websites, LinkedIn, and more.

You can even have your resumes reviewed with our AI partner, Quinncia, by clicking here. You can log in with your UNI. 

Build confidence with practice and receive feedback about how to improve your communication and negotiation skills during interviews.

Are you a master's student looking to apply for a doctoral program? Look no further, we can support you from choosing programs, preparing career documents, to choosing the right school and program for you.

Master the skills to effectively search for opportunities. Whether it is a full-time position, internship, fellowship, postdoc opportunity, or more, we got you covered! We can also explore how networking fits into searching for opportunities, best practices for networking, and informational interviews with professionals in your field.

Are you a TC student looking for on-campus job opportunities? We're here to help! You can schedule an inquiry appointment through the Career Resources Portal, or simply E-Mail us at the following address:

Please log into the Career Resources Portal via myTC Portal to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Career Coach.

Need to cancel your appointment? Please cancel within 24 hours, so that the appointment is available for another student.

Questions? Call 212-678-3140, visit us at our office at 528 West 121st St., Suite 157, or email for assistance.

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