Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Professional Staff

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lucy smiling

Lucy Byrne (she/her)

Program Coordinator

laura smiling

Laura Coleman (she/her)

Senior Associate Director

Photo headshot of Tiffany Garcia (she/her)

Tiffany Garcia (she/her)

Associate Director, Coaching & Programming

Headshot of Uyanga

Uyanga Mungunchimeg (she/her)

Employment Partnerships Coordinator

vince smiling

Vince Ricco (he/him)

Assistant Director, Communications & Systems

person smiling

Sabeen Sheikh, Ed.D. (she/her)


Genevieve Thevenin (she/her)

Career Coach

person smiling

Karina Winn (she/her)

Assistant Director, Student Employment

Meet Our Student Staff

alea smiling

Alea (she/her)

Graduate Student Assistant, Employment Partnerships

ally smiling

Ally (she/her)

Administrative Fellow, Coaching & Programming

Bayla (she/her)

Graduate Assistant, Employer Partnerships

Kayla (she/her)

Systems and Digital Communications Assistant

mary smiling

Mary (she/they)

Career Peer

Maya (she/her, they/them)

Career Peer

Nafiza (she/her)

Administrative Fellow, Alumni Coaching

vera posing

Vera (she/her)

Administrative Fellow, Student Employment

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