Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence

Under New York State Law, Paid Family provides:

  • Job protection.
  • Continued health insurance.
  • Protection from discrimination or retaliation.

Paid Family Leave provides eligible employees paid time off for:

  • Bonding with a newly born, adopted or fostered child.
  • Caring for a family member with a serious health condition.
  • Assisting loved ones when a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent is deployed abroad on active military service.
  • Provides 12 weeks of job protection during your own medical leave or to care for a family member.
  • The leave may be paid or unpaid.
  • Must meet the following eligibility:
    • One year of service.
    • Worked a minimum of 1250 hours during the year.
    • Have not exhausted FMLA leave within a rolling calendar year.

For additional information, please contact your HR Department Representative or the Leaves Administrator at benefits@tc.columbia.edu.

Under New York City’s Paid Safe and Sick Time Law, covered employees can use safe and sick leave to care for themselves or care for a family member.

Employees must work at least eighty (80) hours per year in New York City. TC Policy allows for the use of sick leave once accrued.

For a full list of uses of safe & sick leave, please visit the New York City Government website: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dca/about/paid-sick-leave-law.page

Short-Term Disability (DBL)

Employees are eligible for State disability benefits after 30 days of employment for absences due to a non-work related injury or illness for more than seven (7) consecutive calendar days.

Supplemental Short-Term Disability (STD)

After one year of service, employees are eligible for STD benefits for absences due to a non-work related injury or illness for more than seven (7) consecutive calendar days.
Salary is continued at 100% up to 26 weeks of approved disability.

Employees are eligible to elect Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits, which employees may use after short-term disability is exhausted.

LTD provides up to 60% of the monthly salary (not to exceed $12,000 per month).

Employees may elect one of the following election options:

  • 8% of premium
  • 50% of premium
  • 100% of premium


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