Manager's Toolkit

Manager's Toolkit

The Manager’s Toolkit is designed to help managers and supervisors accomplish many of their Human Resources related tasks more efficiently. If you have questions regarding the information provided in this Toolkit, or if you need additional guidance, please contact your HR Department Representative. We are here for you!

The performance management process at Teachers College includes setting goals and clear expectations, providing meaningful feedback and ongoing coaching, self-assessment by the staff member, and performance discussions mid-year and year-end.

Regular and meaningful discussions between supervisors and employees throughout the year lead to stronger performance, better communication and engaged staff. 

While it is important to follow the three stages of the process, an equally important part is to continuously check-in with staff and incorporate more informal, ongoing feedback conversations throughout the year. Regular and candid feedback can help create a culture where employees feel comfortable having an open dialog and seeking help and guidance.

Review the Performance Review Process section for additional information.

Teachers College's recruitment tool can be found by heading to the myTC portal. Click the Employee Resources tab, navigate to the Human Resources section and click the Recruitment Dashboard link. The materials on this page provide instructions to complete the recruitment process. Please call Human Resources at (212) 678-3175 for additional support.

Job Description Writing Guidelines

Job Description Template

Review New Employee I-9 Status

  • Hiring managers can email to check the Form I-9 status of new hires.
  • Learn more about TC's I-9 and E-verify process here.

Supervisor New Hire Checklists

External Job Postings




General Information and Tools


How To:

 Additional Compensation or Job

Adjustments to Active Jobs

College Work Study 


Pooled Position Conversion Reappointments

Auto - Generating Reappointment Letters

Paper PAFs


  • Recruitment Process Overview‌ – A high-level map that demonstrates the process from creating a job description to the completion of onboarding. 

Hiring Manager Guides

  • Pooled Positions Crosswalk with PD Number - Use this resource to determine the appropriate Job Description for creating requisitions with pooled positions.
  • We have broken down the full recruitment training guide into quick reference guides for various parts of the recruitment process. Please see below:

Preparing a Requisition & Posting to the Careers Site


Reviewing Applicants


Creating and Sending an Offer Letter

Professional Staff & Union:
Full Time Instructors and Lecturers:
Part Time Instructional:
Interim Employees & OTP


Post-Offer Steps


Requisition Approver Guides

  • How to Approve a Job – This document provides a quick reference on how to approve a job description and a requisition.

Summer Recruitment

  • Summer Appointment Processing - This document provides a quick reference on how to process New Hires and First Time Summer Appointments (on applicable pooled positions).

ADA Guides


New HR Model & Hiring Process Enhancements

Download the powerpoint presentation that was used during the June 14th and June 18th infosession.

Pay Transparency Guidance

Download the PDF user guide above, or view a tutorial video here.

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