Your First Week

Your First Week

Congratulations on entering your first week as a Teachers College employee - we are excited that you have joined the team! Starting your new position is an exciting time with a lot to do to make your start a success. Here are some items you should review and register for, such as New Hire Orientation, during your first week. The TCHR team is always ready to provide guidance throughout your career, especially in the beginning.

Within the first week of employment, you should meet with your supervisor to discuss your role, set general performance expectations and goals for the coming months.

All new full time faculty and staff are invited to our New Hire Orientation (NHO) sessions. During orientation, you will learn more about Teachers College, our policies and procedures, and obtain information about the benefits the College offers you as a full-time employee. Orientation is an integral part of starting your journey in Teachers College. NHO is held bi-monthly. An email will be sent to all new hires regarding registering for NHO or you can register here

Click here for instructions on setting up direct deposit.

Our website has a wealth of information about policies, benefits and other information you may need as a TC employee. Please explore and let us know if you have any questions.

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